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My husband and I are starting our whole 30 program and we are totally new to "clean eating". I am going to be spending the next few days cleaning out my pantry, fridge, and freezer and removing most of the things I have that are not Whole 30 compliant. But I have a dilemma, I have 4 young children ages 12, 10, 8, and 4. My husband does not think that we should make the kids stick to the whole 30 and I do not either but I do want to get them close. His stand point is that the fruits and veggies instead of chips and honey buns etc. will be more expensive and that things will go to waste. Has anyone on here done the whole 30 with their children? Also I cannot commit the three oldest children to the whole 30 because they go with their biological mother every other weekend and I know that she will not be compliant. So should I just relocate everything that is non compliant for the kids like in a specific cabinet? Any advice would be wonderful!!! Thanks in advance!

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I'm starting the 5th!"I have a husband who won't consciously participate and 4 kids as well. I think it's fine to have other food in the home. You'll have to learn to pass on things anyhow in the real world. I do plan to make meals that are compliant and just add in sides they may need orvwant. We eat gluten free already at all dinners and family meals, so this will not be as difficult for me as some who may have never limited or changed diets.

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Yes that's the way

I'm restarting July 5

I cook compliant entrees for my family It's pretty much the same food they are used to

only I stick to the shopping list in Resources

I make huge pans 3/6 lbs etc so there's enough leftovers for lunches too

I add as above their favorites rice or pasta if I'm making potatoes they have them

No one complains

If you try new recipies take it slow

It's not not not more expensive to by fresh fruits and vegetables I find it less costly than premake processed foods

You can still fine lunch meat Dietz n Watson

If they're used to that

I make a huge fruit bowl each week of cut up fruit

Cook burgers make tomato sauce etc

You'll be fine

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