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Kristen's Whole30 Food Log


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Monday, June 29th, 2015 will start Day 1 of my second W30.  I completed my first round in January2015 and it was awesome.  My blood sugar levels were even throughout the whole day, I fit into my clothes better, and I just felt better about my postpartum body.  The hardest part about my post W30 life was that I couldn't (wouldn't) stay away from food with no brakes and I slowly (and then very quickly) backslid into my old habits. 


Dairy- causes break-outs


Grains- cause headaches


Alcohol- causes poor decision making, but is also one of the harder things to break because I appreciate a really good craft brew or wine.


I'm a working mom with week days that start between 330 and 430 AM.  I'm at work by 630 and home around 430PM.  Meal prepping is the most challenging, so I tend to make a breakfast or lunch that can last the whole work week.


I want to go longer than a W30 because I feel like I really only scratched the surface on my first go around.  I found out how I could feel and how I was affected by the processed foods I ate.  My goal this time is to condition myself to be able to resist the food with no brakes and get in the habit of meal planning/ prepping.



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I'm starting with you tomorrow! It'll be my first Whole30 and I am 40% excited and 60% nervous. I am very interested to see if my stomach and skin issues improve and if my headaches have anything to do with what I ingest.


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3:30AM wake-up to be to work by 5AM for a 3 mile run. 3 miles in 34 minutes.

Pre-WO: Small handful of raw macademia nuts and a can of coconut la Croix water

M1: Mangia Paleo's Sausage and sweets breakfast bowl (aidell's chicken and apple sausage, sweet potato, onions), fresh blueberries, and a large tumbler of gunpowder green tea (the good stuff!).

M2: Protein salad from the whole30 book (shrimp, wholly guacamole, lime juice) with spinach, 2 small (between Roma and cherry tomato sized) tomatoes, cilantro, 2 cutie oranges, a very small handful of slivered almonds, and shredded carrots. Tessemae's balsamic vinaigrette and a can of grapefruit la Croix.

M3:Burger Monday!  Beef sliders with 1/2 a mini container of wholly guacamole, between roasted sweet potato slices and a bagged salad with torn up sweet potato, the other half of the wholly guacamole, and Tessemae's Lemonette dressing.


Drank: 56 oz of water, so far.

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Day 2:

Wake up at 330am. Ran 2 miles at 11:46 pace.

Pre-WO- Coconut La Croix and a handful of macadamia nuts.

M1: Mangia Paleo's sausage and sweets breakfast bowl, blueberries, and a mug of coffee.

After breakfast I felt like I got hit by a truck and needed to go to bed....but I'm at work. I needed a coffee, badly.


I made a small mug of coffee and finally perked up.


M1.5: Lab-wide summer brunch (joy).  I brought stuff for a watermelon, spinach, feta, basil, and balsamic glaze salad.  I am proud of myself because I made a small bowl of watermelon, spinach, and basil and didn't touch anything on that table! balsamic glaze had HFCS in it, so I didn't use it on my stuff.


M2: same as yesterday, minus the La Croix water.


M3: Roasted chipotle dusted sweet potato fries and the Whole30 book's Perfect oven-baked salmon (we are actually using tilapia).


Water: 50 oz

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I was fine after a small mug of coffee.  I had been double fisting it, so the withdrawal has been rough.  You can sub ANY sausage.  I use chicken and apple sausage from aidell's brand (obviously, just make sure to read your ingredients before buying!).  It is not at all spicy and is whole30 approved because they use fruit juice, instead of sugar or maple syrup.  MangiaPaleo.com is awesome. She is more geared to Paleo for ulcerative colitis, but pretty much all of her recipes can be altered for a W30.

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Day 3:  3:30 Am wake up and a 4 mile run at an 11:47 pace (prescribed training pace was 11:58).


M1: Sausage and sweets bowl with wholly guacamole and blueberries on the side... and a 1/2 strength coffee.


M2: 2 aidells chicken and apple sausage grilled in the toaster oven with spinach, 2 small (between Roma and cherry tomato sized) tomatoes, cilantro, 2 cutie oranges, shredded carrots, and wholly guacamole. 


M3: Taco night. ground chicken (made with homemade taco seasoning simmered in coconut milk), a bed of spinach, wholly guacamole, cilantro, tomato, and baked plantain slices.

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Day 4: I got to sleep in until 4:30AM because it was a rest day


M1: Sausage and sweets bowl with blueberries and a black iced coffee


M2: Leftover taco meat in my salad of spinach, tomato, wholly guacamole, cilantro, and shredded carrots


M3: Amazing!! DH made our favorite Thai stir fry with cauliflower rice, stir fried veggies, pork tenderloin tossed with a little almond flour (instead of cornstarch) and Red Boat fish sauce, ginger, garlic, and onion, and coconut milk.  It was awesome.  :)

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Day 5: Day off of work.  Woke up at 7:45.  Ran 3 hilly miles with DH and DD mid-morning.


M1: omelet with leftover stir fry and cauliflower rice


M2: The rest of the leftover stir fry


M3: grilled chicken thighs, marinated in Tessemae's Lemon Garlic dressing and roasted fingerling potatoes.  I'm "drinking" tonight with a muddled mint-lime coconut La Croix!  :)

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Day 6: Rest day. Slept in until 8!!

M1: Omelet with Jones little pork sausage, the last of the leftover Thai stir fry, and coffee

M2: A piece of grilled chicken and some watermelon (I was cooking for a cook-out)

M3: Sort of NSV... Went to a cook out and did NOT drink or eat anything non compliant!! I ate the cilantro lime sweet potato salad and watermelon arugula basil balsamic glaze salad I made. The host grilled me and another clean eater a huge CSA chicken breast. It was amazing!

Water: 7- 12oz coconut la Croix waters + 16 oz in the am = 100oz!

I won July 4th!!

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Day 7: I was supposed to run 4 miles, but the day got super crazy and it didn't happen. 


M1: omelet with leftover sweet potato salad and grilled chicken


M2: grilled chicken, sweet potato salad and raspberries


M3: strip steak with roasted veggies (broccoli, carrots, onions, red pepper, beets, and Japanese sweet potato


My special treat was GT's Enlightened Gingerade Kombucha. 


I did some food prep for the work week- roasted sweet potato and caramelized onion for breakfast, cilantro lime sweet potato  and grilled chicken to put on salad

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Day 8:  330 wake up to run the 4 miles I was supposed to do, yesterday


Pre- WO: small handful of raw macadamia nuts


M1: Sweet potato, caramelized onion, wholly guacamole, and aidells chicken apple sausage, coffee


M2: A pile of arugula and spinach with shredded carrot, a cup of the cilantro sweet potato salad, and 2 grilled chicken thighs, coconut La Croix


M3: Burger sliders on roasted sweet potato slices with a salad topped with wholly guacamole and Tessemae's Lemonette dressing

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Day 9: 330 wake up for a 2 mile run


Pre-WO: macadamia nuts


M1: apple chicken sausage, sweet potato slices and coffee


M2: same as yesterday, but with water


M3: almond meal and Annie's Naturals Dijon mustard crusted tilapia with roasted sweet potato fries

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Day 10: 330 wake-up for a 4 mile run


Pre-WO: macadamia nuts


M1: leftover roasted veggies, chicken apple sausage, coffee


M2: Same as Monday


M3: taco night.  ground chicken simmered in coconut milk and spices.  Served over spinach, carrots, and guacamole with 1/2 sliced and baked plantain


Drink: Mangiapaleo posted a rosemary limeade drink, so I made that with LaCroix coconut sparkling water and omitted the honey.  Amazing!

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