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Long weekend work trip in LA


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I'm heading to LA for a long weekend for work next week. I know literally nothing about LA but am staying at a hotel that looks to be near downtown (on google maps it's between downtown and 'pico union').


Any LA folks have good recommendations for restaurants near there? I see a lot of sushi joints that I could get sashimi at (hold the soy sauce, obviously) but would love some whole30/paleo friendly spots to try. 


I'll be working long nights so was hoping to stock up at a grocery store too - is Ralph's a reliable chain? There's one walking distance from my hotel. 


Thanks for any help! 

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I can't help with specific restaurants but the majority of restaurants I go to in and around LA offer at least a Gluten-free menu and the servers are used to people being particular. Just stay away from the big chains - they're less accommodating (like Chilli's, Olive Garden, etc.)  As to Ralph's, they're a major chain, owned by Kroeger (same as Fryes, or Fred Meyers if you're familiar with either of those. they have a new Simply Organics line for meat, plenty of fruit and veg. I'm sure you can find something there (tuna and carrot sticks if nothing else).

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You are very lucky to go to downtown LA on a business trip while on whole 30!  LA is a mecca of paleo dining and the art area in downtown is full of very healthy restaurants etc..  It is also very unique, full of large murals etc.. Silverlake is also around 15-20 mins away driving and has very healthy dining /great restaurants as well.  Do skip Japanese town, Korea town, etc.. It will be very hard to make sure they are whole 30 compliment and most of the smaller places don't speak great English.  There are also a couple health food stores in the Art District that are full of foods that are pre-made to take out and lots of healthy snacking food.  Just bring a salad with you on the plane and a bunch of healthy snacks, boiled eggs, raw veggies, chicken breast etc.. to get you through your travel days and if you land at a wonky time.  Also, whatever restaurant you are in, be sure to let your server know that you don't eat dairy or any kind of grain.  They are use to this and can easily make your entrees whole 30 complainant.  LA has been the easiest place for me to travel on whole 30, as well as SF.  Here are some links to check out:


http://www.urban-radish.com/-Downtown ARTs District



http://www.zinccafe.com/cafe.htm-vegan so get your protein first.  

http://www.localtable-la.com/home-Downtown financial district -Downtown ARTs District

http://www.foragela.com/Silverlake if you have a car

http://www.crossroadskitchen.com/- on Melrose need car


Hope this helps!  There are a ton more restaurants outside of downtown, but just let them know the situation.  Everyone is very friendly.  Hugs Beth

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Ralphs won't have any grass fed meats. You could try the market downtown-http://www.grandcentralmarket.com

Also heres some yelp reviews of pale friendly restaurants downtown LA http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=paleo+restaurant&find_loc=Los+Angeles%2C+CA+90045&ns=1#find_desc=paleo&find_loc=Downtown,+Los+Angeles,+CA


Hope that helps.

Actually, they do carry grassfed now in many of the Ralphs I go to.

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