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  1. JenX

    Back Again and Starting June 1st

    Sure @AimHigh22, more the merrier. we're not super chatty, but everyone is welcome. I don't tend to post on weekends, fyi, so will be MIA a few days.
  2. JenX

    JenX- Round 3.5 June 2019

    okay, i'm beginning to think it IS tiger blood. I'm sitting here at work, bouncing in my chair, thinking about sneaking out for a run. I am AWAKE but not in a "i'm had too much caffeine" kind of way. I'm wishing I had a tread-desk.
  3. JenX

    JenX- Round 3.5 June 2019

    Woo hoo! week 4! 9 days to go! Not that I plan on changing much of anything right off the bat, but still... it's always exciting to hit that post day-30 mark. I gave up and took a sleep aid last night. 1/2 dose of Aleve pm. It was already 10:30 and I was wide awake when I really needed to be getting to sleep. Perhaps the start of Tiger Blood? maybe. more likely, the coffee I had after lunch. Anyway, so now I'm groggy as all get out this morning. If it WAS tiger blood, I am looking forward to getting a bunch of things done around the house & outside this weekend. June 21 - Day 21 M1: hash, 2 eggs, 1/2 an avocado. so, so tired of breakfast. will try to make something new and different tomorrow M2: hamburger cabbage-roll soup. last serving thank the gods. so sick of it. blech. M3: probably leftover chicken, baked potato and veg (either broc or zucchini). UNLESS I go to the store and something else strikes my fancy. Yes, food boredom is still running rampant. at least I was able to get to breakfast within an hour. I could see a difference in the mirror this morning so I know I've finally lost a bit of weight. I'm still having some mood swings, but no hot flashes in almost 3 weeks, and no night sweats (woo hoo!). So, looking back at my starting goals, I can say we're good with the first 3. I was doing well with the exercise on until my calf acted up and now I just haven't been able to get back into the swing of things. I'm going to try to concentrate on that this last week.
  4. JenX

    Back Again and Starting June 1st

    So, I can't do math... happy end of week 3, beginning of WEEK 4!! Wow, this is going by quick! LOL!
  5. JenX

    JenX- Round 3.5 June 2019

    So, I just could not deal with work yesterday. I took the day off and was a complete slug, bonded to my couch watching tv and napping. I have no reason, I just felt I needed to recharge and I feel better today for it. I was also HUNGRY all day yesterday - stayed compliant but not always to template. and I snacked which I don't usually do. I was watching Iron Chef America and the ingredient was herring. That made me so hungry for fish I couldn't even! so I grabbed a tin of sardines and ate the whole thing. I love the ones from Trader joe's - boneless fillets in Olive Oil. so good! LOL! That was at 4:30 and I was still hungry for dinner 2 hrs later. so, to catch up... Day 18 was to plan above. No plated fat at dinner so I had a decaf coffee + 1/4 can coconut milk when I got home along with a handful of raw pumpkin seeds. Day 19 - hash w 2 eggs, coffee w/ coconut milk M2: chicken(breast) salad with a ton of veggies and compliant mayo. figs snack: sardines in oil, garlic aioli M3: roast chicken quarter, broccoli, mushrooms, mayo w/ Tapatio for dip (pretty tasty!) also had 2 small handfuls raw sunflowers. I just could NOT get enough food yesterday. LOL! June 20 - day 20 M1: (late) hash, 2 hb egg, 1/2 an avocado M2: hamburger cabbage-roll soup, mango with chili and lime, avocado M3: spaghetti squash with chicken sausage sauce. extra olives/evoo While my energy is fine, no peaks or valleys, I'm in some sort of malaise where I just don't want to do anything. I think its external stress - sometimes my preferred way to deal is to just shut down and shut out the outside world. At least i'm not doing it with wine and food, so that's an improvement I guess. I'm going to try to get out for a walk at lunch today, and walk or run tomorrow, then hike this weekend. exercise is a way better way for me to deal with stress, I know, and I know it works. I just have to break through my doldrums. Food boredom has also struck so that's not helping matters. I absolutely HATE everything I have in my fridge right now. will be using lots of hot sauce to choke it down and try to come up with new things to make this weekend. If past w30s hold true, this food aversion thing should be gone by then anyway.
  6. JenX

    Back Again and Starting June 1st

    @Grace247 It's better to take your time and make sure you're ready! Day 20 and I have officially achieved food boredom. I tried really hard to keep the recipes fresh and new and even that didn't help. everything I am eating right now is just a chore. I know this is all part of it (at least for me), and won't last forever but I hate this part! I was up at 6 but couldn't even face breakfast until I got into work at 9am and then still had to choke it down. sigh. I've also progressed from good sleep to sleeping like a coma patient. I am out so hard my alarm is startling me out of bed and i'm groggy for an hour after i'm up. I think I need to start exercising...that's the only thing that normalized me sometimes. Happy almost week 3 everybody!
  7. JenX

    Whole30 Basic Mayo

    I've had it last a week past the pull date on the eggs I used. You can tell when it goes off - it gets an off smell that is immediately noticeable.
  8. JenX

    JenX- Round 3.5 June 2019

    again, I was sleeping so hard I turned off my first alarm and stayed in bed. Zzzzzzzz! I got home last night and made a delicious hash to nibble on this week. Homemade pork sausage (almost have the spice blend right), diced yam, 1/2 an onion and 1/2 a green cabbage. Last night's M3 ended up being the NY Strip (ate the whole thing! 2 full palms), broccoli and 1/2 a potato w/ ghee. NO SEEDS after dinner yay me! June 18 - day 18 m1: that hash + 2 eggs and 1/2 an avocado. I couldn't quite eat all that I dished up. m2: cabbage-roll soup, 1 hb egg + mayo for extra fat, 1/2 a mango with lime and chili powder. m3: chicken sausage meat sauce on spaghetti squash. I have dog agility league tonight which means running home, eating, running there and basically having to sprint. I can't do it on a full belly so may short my dinner and then have a snack when I get home. we'll have to see. I've been trying to decide if I'm going to stay pretty well compliant and for how long. I did a full set of reintroductions on a slow roll last time around and I doubt anything has changed. besides I rarely eat grains or legumes anymore. I love adding dairy in as it makes cooking a bit easier, but it definitely affects my energy so I think I'll try to stay away from it for a while yet. That leaves wine & beer. Beer bloats me something awful, so I try to buy the low-carb stuff when i'm drinking but every once in a while I just gotta have a real beer, ya know? Wine interrupts my sleep and depresses me, but I have such a hard time staying away.... I belong to 3 and 1/2 wine clubs (I split one of them with a friend) and just love trying new bottles. sigh. Sadly I have proven in the past that I have no ability to moderate my wine intake. Bottles generally make it 2 days max around my house and i'm the only one drinking. So long as nothing is open, I have no trouble so the solution is to NOT open anything. Maybe special occasions. And no, Friday night is not special enough anymore. so, what I have in my head right now is I have no reason to NOT stay compliant once the 30 days are up. I have 2 occasions where I for sure would be non-compliant. #1, my favorite sushi restaurant is closing and we need to go eat there before they do. that will be in july sometime. #2, I have a trip to napa planned in late august. there will be wine. lots of wine. I think I'd like to stay 95-99% compliant at least until my trip in late December. See if I can get more of this weight off and keep this good mood and better sleep. its a fair trade.
  9. JenX

    JenX- Round 3.5 June 2019

    My theory about enough fat in my soup proved wrong. I'm not even at the 4 hr mark and i'm starving! LOL! Live and learn. I'll add something to tomorrow's lunch.
  10. Ohh! also mayo. nothing by my own homemade mayo in the house. I absolutely love it.
  11. After my 2nd whole30 I pretty much lost all taste for pasta, grains and breads. I honestly prefer my hamburgers and turkey burgers either wrapped in lettuce or on a grilled or baked Portobello mushroom. If I actually have bread in the house (a rare occurrence) I keep it in the freezer because it will mold before I ever get around to eating it. I have rice with sushi on the rare occasions I go out for sushi, that's about it.
  12. JenX


    Iodized salt is certainly an easy source, but you can get plenty of iodine in your food. Tuna, shrimp, shellfish, salt-water fishes (cod, salmon, swordfish, sardines, etc.), & eggs have it, as does seaweed. And they don't have sugar which many brands of iodized salt do contain. My $0.02, your headache went away because of the potatoes more than the iodine. Waking up with a headache points to dehydration in some form. Carbs help you retain water. I'd personally make sure to get one serving of carb-y veggies in with dinner each night and see if that doesn't cure your morning headaches.
  13. JenX

    JenX- Round 3.5 June 2019

    Oh! forgot today. June 17 - day 17 M1: BF salad, 2 strips, 2 eggs, bacon fat, 1/2 avo, 1/2 tom, sherry vinegar on arugula M2: cabbage roll soup. No added fat - this soup was made with my own fatty bone broth, and 80/20 ground beef. If it doesn't keep me full, i'll add fat tomorrow, but i'm pretty sure it will. M3: steak, zucchini/mushroom/onion, chimichurri. coconut milk decaf coffee [planned]
  14. JenX

    JenX- Round 3.5 June 2019

    Catch up from this weekend June 14 M3: chicken breast, yam, broccoli. coconut milk in coffee after dinner for fat. handful of raw pumpkin seeds. June 15 m1: breakfast salad (2 strips s.f. bacon, 2 eggs on arugula 1/2 an avocado, 1/2 a tomato) m2: last of the Tom Kha, fried cauliflower rice, chicken., pumpkin seeds m3: 2 mojo marinaded chicken wings, some Tikka Masala chicken breast. Leftover salad w/vinaigrette , yam June 16 M1: leftover hash w 1 egg. coconut milk in coffee M2: chili w/ 1 whole avocado, 1/2 a mango in chili powder and lime juice, pumpkin seeds. M3: compliant chicken Italian sausage pasta sauce on spaghetti squash. Olives in sauce + EVOO on top. snack: 1/2 a palm of chicken breast with mayo and mustard, pumpkin seeds. Need to cut the seeds out.... they're becoming a crutch b/c I'm out of my favorite, almonds. I'm out of those on purpose, so shouldn't be trying to replace them. I was super lazy all weekend. All I got done was laundry, cooking, and washing the car. I think I needed some down-time though. I'd taken Friday afternoon off so I was able to get all the shopping done - it was glorious to wake up Saturday without that chore hanging over my head. I do think i'm suffering from a bit of food boredom. I keep trying to switch things up, but its more the planning, shopping, cooking aspect i'm bored with. BUT, i'm feeling very even-keeled in my mood, I haven't had a hot flash in like 1.5 weeks and i'm sleeping better. Still not enough, and not uninterrupted, but harder. So hard I would have loved to keep on sleeping this morning. My alarm startled me out of a dream. I absolutely hate waking to an alarm and usually am up well before mine goes off, but not this morning. I couldn't manage my run, too much to get done, but I brought my gear so maybe I can run at lunch.
  15. JenX

    Back Again and Starting June 1st

    @Grace247 I hear you! I loved how I felt on Keto, but absolutely had to do extended fasting to lose any weight and the minute I went off that weight came back. It's why I came back to whole30 as well. I have to say I am missing the dairy, BUT I'll survive without it for now. NO FREE FOOD rule is in full effect again today at work. I swear, this group seems to celebrate more birthdays than # of people working here! Today it's bagels with all the fixings. Bagels I don't care, but I was craving cheese so strongly yesterday I'm going to have to avoid the spread so I don't stick my finger in the cream cheese! LOL!