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  1. You have to have sugar for the tea to ferment. During that process the SCOBY eats the sugar and converts it into enzymes, probiotics, etc. What we are not allowed to do is add sugar during the 2nd fermentation process, only fruit or unsweetened fruit juices. That sugar would not be eaten so would remain in the beverage. It's the same concept as making wine. the yeast eats the sugar from the grapes and ferments the juice.
  2. Mmmmm...shepherds pie. Amazing for the first meal of the day. Warm and comforting and filling.
  3. Taco spiced ground turkey, sliced yams and kale. My favorite so far!
  4. this happened to me too - I was so disappointed! They still tasted good but I was expecting way more fizz. I am doing CB so hope the yeast content goes up. Everything I've read is that the amount of yeast is what gives you fizz (since it's mostly yeast that does the fermenting of the fruit). Amazon has flip-top bottles on a pretty good price and now that I got paid I can go check out Ikea to see who's price wins. Even without the fizz, it has been so nice to come home after work and crack a bottle of my very own homebrewed booch! I'm very thankful for this forum giving me the idea
  5. Great idea Shannon, thanks! Burped everyone last night and the raspberry ones are already super fizzy. Put them in the fridge this morning and I look forward to going home and cracking one open this evening.
  6. Thanks - I'll source some. All the ones I could find this weekend were out of my price range for right now.
  7. I bottled my first batch yesterday and am on 2nd Fermentation. 3 with Raspberry, 2 with blueberry/ginger and 2 plain. I have a nice sparkle as of bottling and I'm sure I'll be fizzy in 2 days at the longest. Now I just have to remember to burp the bottles and hope I don't get any explosions! Here's a pic - please excuse my repurposed GT bottles - I left the labels on and put plain in Original, ginger/blueberry in Gingerberry, and raspberry in any of the red color-labeled bottles. I decided I'm too lazy to remove them for now. Added a gallon to my mother vessel to keep it goi
  8. okay, thanks. Some of the things I read said 5-7 days, but I can wait. may have to sit on my hands, but I can wait.
  9. Its only been 4 days, and I can see the fermentation happening! Last night I came home and the fermentation vessel has a bit bubbles around the rim where the liquid meets the glass, and the tea looks lighter. Smelled it this morning and I can smell the yeasty goodness. I'm going to taste-test tomorrow (day 5) and see if I'm ready to bottle my first batch. So excited!! Looking through this thread for more flavor ideas today, too.
  10. She got quite a bit thicker I've the past 3 days so I'm going to give it a go. I can't wait!
  11. I think I'm getting really close. Maybe I can brew by this weekend? Sunday will be 14 days. Thoughts??
  12. I've got leftover sautéed veggies mixed with leftover taco meat (1/2 turkey, 1/2 beef), avocado and a squeeze of lime to brighten it up. Good morning!
  13. I started my SCOBY with GT Original this past Sunday and she's already filming the whole top! Good girl!