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  1. Sure @AimHigh22, more the merrier. we're not super chatty, but everyone is welcome. I don't tend to post on weekends, fyi, so will be MIA a few days.
  2. okay, i'm beginning to think it IS tiger blood. I'm sitting here at work, bouncing in my chair, thinking about sneaking out for a run. I am AWAKE but not in a "i'm had too much caffeine" kind of way. I'm wishing I had a tread-desk.
  3. Woo hoo! week 4! 9 days to go! Not that I plan on changing much of anything right off the bat, but still... it's always exciting to hit that post day-30 mark. I gave up and took a sleep aid last night. 1/2 dose of Aleve pm. It was already 10:30 and I was wide awake when I really needed to be getting to sleep. Perhaps the start of Tiger Blood? maybe. more likely, the coffee I had after lunch. Anyway, so now I'm groggy as all get out this morning. If it WAS tiger blood, I am looking forward to getting a bunch of things done around the house & outside this weekend. June 21 - Day
  4. So, I can't do math... happy end of week 3, beginning of WEEK 4!! Wow, this is going by quick! LOL!
  5. So, I just could not deal with work yesterday. I took the day off and was a complete slug, bonded to my couch watching tv and napping. I have no reason, I just felt I needed to recharge and I feel better today for it. I was also HUNGRY all day yesterday - stayed compliant but not always to template. and I snacked which I don't usually do. I was watching Iron Chef America and the ingredient was herring. That made me so hungry for fish I couldn't even! so I grabbed a tin of sardines and ate the whole thing. I love the ones from Trader joe's - boneless fillets in Olive Oil. so good! LOL! That was
  6. @Grace247 It's better to take your time and make sure you're ready! Day 20 and I have officially achieved food boredom. I tried really hard to keep the recipes fresh and new and even that didn't help. everything I am eating right now is just a chore. I know this is all part of it (at least for me), and won't last forever but I hate this part! I was up at 6 but couldn't even face breakfast until I got into work at 9am and then still had to choke it down. sigh. I've also progressed from good sleep to sleeping like a coma patient. I am out so hard my alarm is startling me out of bed
  7. I've had it last a week past the pull date on the eggs I used. You can tell when it goes off - it gets an off smell that is immediately noticeable.
  8. again, I was sleeping so hard I turned off my first alarm and stayed in bed. Zzzzzzzz! I got home last night and made a delicious hash to nibble on this week. Homemade pork sausage (almost have the spice blend right), diced yam, 1/2 an onion and 1/2 a green cabbage. Last night's M3 ended up being the NY Strip (ate the whole thing! 2 full palms), broccoli and 1/2 a potato w/ ghee. NO SEEDS after dinner yay me! June 18 - day 18 m1: that hash + 2 eggs and 1/2 an avocado. I couldn't quite eat all that I dished up. m2: cabbage-roll soup, 1 hb egg + mayo for extra fat, 1/2 a man
  9. My theory about enough fat in my soup proved wrong. I'm not even at the 4 hr mark and i'm starving! LOL! Live and learn. I'll add something to tomorrow's lunch.
  10. Ohh! also mayo. nothing by my own homemade mayo in the house. I absolutely love it.
  11. After my 2nd whole30 I pretty much lost all taste for pasta, grains and breads. I honestly prefer my hamburgers and turkey burgers either wrapped in lettuce or on a grilled or baked Portobello mushroom. If I actually have bread in the house (a rare occurrence) I keep it in the freezer because it will mold before I ever get around to eating it. I have rice with sushi on the rare occasions I go out for sushi, that's about it.
  12. Iodized salt is certainly an easy source, but you can get plenty of iodine in your food. Tuna, shrimp, shellfish, salt-water fishes (cod, salmon, swordfish, sardines, etc.), & eggs have it, as does seaweed. And they don't have sugar which many brands of iodized salt do contain. My $0.02, your headache went away because of the potatoes more than the iodine. Waking up with a headache points to dehydration in some form. Carbs help you retain water. I'd personally make sure to get one serving of carb-y veggies in with dinner each night and see if that doesn't cure your morning he
  13. Oh! forgot today. June 17 - day 17 M1: BF salad, 2 strips, 2 eggs, bacon fat, 1/2 avo, 1/2 tom, sherry vinegar on arugula M2: cabbage roll soup. No added fat - this soup was made with my own fatty bone broth, and 80/20 ground beef. If it doesn't keep me full, i'll add fat tomorrow, but i'm pretty sure it will. M3: steak, zucchini/mushroom/onion, chimichurri. coconut milk decaf coffee [planned]
  14. Catch up from this weekend June 14 M3: chicken breast, yam, broccoli. coconut milk in coffee after dinner for fat. handful of raw pumpkin seeds. June 15 m1: breakfast salad (2 strips s.f. bacon, 2 eggs on arugula 1/2 an avocado, 1/2 a tomato) m2: last of the Tom Kha, fried cauliflower rice, chicken., pumpkin seeds m3: 2 mojo marinaded chicken wings, some Tikka Masala chicken breast. Leftover salad w/vinaigrette , yam June 16 M1: leftover hash w 1 egg. coconut milk in coffee M2: chili w/ 1 whole avocado, 1/2 a mango in chili powder and lime ju
  15. @Grace247 I hear you! I loved how I felt on Keto, but absolutely had to do extended fasting to lose any weight and the minute I went off that weight came back. It's why I came back to whole30 as well. I have to say I am missing the dairy, BUT I'll survive without it for now. NO FREE FOOD rule is in full effect again today at work. I swear, this group seems to celebrate more birthdays than # of people working here! Today it's bagels with all the fixings. Bagels I don't care, but I was craving cheese so strongly yesterday I'm going to have to avoid the spread so I don't stick my finge