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  1. I'm on my 3rd Whole 30 and almost at the end (day 30 is Tuesday). The first 2 were fabulous - I lost 10-11 lbs each time and I felt wonderful. Then life happened. I slipped back into old habits and even some new and unimproved habits (was renovating my kitchen so cooking went out the window for about one solid month.). On top of that, I firmly entered peri-menopause. lethargy, mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, sporadic cycles - Ugh! Finally enough was enough and I restarted when I realized all 20 lbs were back with a vengeance. This time around, i'm seeing so many improvements related to stabilizing my hormones I'm thrilled...but the weight loss I experienced before just isn't happening. I know my body is preoccupied dealing with the current ever-changing state of affairs that are my hormones, so I'm not at all surprised. If I lose a pound a week, i'll be thrilled. Heck if I manage to lose 2 lbs I'll be content. Just keep plugging away and it'll come.
  2. JenX

    What are you all prepping for your week?

    I'm starting to rip out my kitchen flooring so all I managed yesterday was to roast a chicken and some brussels sprouts, make mayo and cook a steak for dinner that I had along side a huge fennel salad. Tonight i'll have to play catch-up and do my frittata and a curry. It's been so hot the last place I want to be is in the kitchen right now.
  3. Good morning!! I was woken up early by some stray dogs -so much for sleeping in on the weekend. . But, since I'm up and it's relatively cool out, I'm thinking about tagging along with my friends on their morning run. My foot has been feeling fantastic so I may just do it. I'd meet them and then do my own pace which will be very slow, deliberate and careful. Oops! Just got a text that one person bailed so the other is possibly pushing to tomorrow. Guess we'll see what happens. After only 3 days of eating compliant foods I feel like myself again! Better energy, excellent sleep, better mood, acid reflux is gone and my GI tract likes me again. Oh, and the bloat I've had the last 2 weeks is gone. It's so nice to know whenever my food gets out of hand all I have to do is get back to basic principles of W30 and reset.
  4. Hey everyone! I read a great article yesterday on fueling for long runs I wanted to share. It actually covered fat adaptation as an option, instead of just chewing all those nasty blocks and gels for "quick" carb/sugar energy. The best parts..." Newer Science. There is emerging science revealing that if we change our daily diets to include more fat, our bodies will burn more fat during exercise." "...the body could be trained to use more fat during exercise with a more moderate, 50-percent fat diet." I've been tracking macros off and on since the end of my last Whole 30 and I do tend to eat right about 50% fat now just by eating to the template. How cool is that? Now all I need is the ability to go do a long run to test my fat adaptation...
  5. Good morning! So, today is the start of the Better Body Challenge at work. I have 2 months to drop 5% combined body fat/weight and looking at the body fat indicator from the fancy scale that shouldn't be any trouble at all. Yikes! The actual scale weight number doesn't bother me - I've been maintaining within a fairly generous range since I lost 50 lbs about 6 years ago and I'm still within that range. A bit on the high side of it at the moment but I know that will change as I can continue to up my activity. Anyway, no more of the less healthy foods in my house as of last night. I had my pre-workout egg with a bit of mayo and worked hard in class today - upped my weights and took less breaks... PLUS I went out back with everyone else for the runs (yay!) I went slowly and was careful about my foot placement, but it all felt fine. I'll watch it today to see if there's any tenderness or swelling and if not will call for that appointment this week. I forgot my Post-workout snack so am going to skip straight to Meal 1 - egg casserole with onions, mushroom, bell pepper, spinach and homemade pork breakfast sausage. YUM! Saree - my WholeJenX plan is still coming into being, but in general I avoid gluten grains, soy and most dairy (cheese can be occasional). I also generally don't eat a lot of non-gluten grains because I just haven't missed them. Some rice if I go out for sushi, or the occasional taco using a corn tortilla are fine. I also mostly avoid nuts as they are FWOB for me and cause some GI issues. It took 2 rounds of Whole 30 and very careful reintroductions for my gut to heal (was suffering with IBS for the past year or so) so I try not to eat anything that will set it off. My biggest downfall is beer and wine. I love the stuff - but I know I do so much better sleep & energy wise when I'm not imbibing I do my best to give myself long periods without it. Especially if I'm trying to increase my fitness like now!
  6. Sorry I've been quiet - just not too much to report on from my end. firstly, Saree! congrats on securing a sponsor! free shoes will save a ton of $$ in the future. higs - I'm a slow runner as I've said, and will never beat my brother's I beat him in distance . We did our first half together, then he stepped up to a 16-mile trail run, so I ran the Great Wall of China full marathon. HA! I win! Hahahaha! I think it's fine to be competitive, but do make sure you enjoy the race as well. And I'm glad you're feeling better! jcmb - hope your back holds up well to spin. I totally hear you on the endorphins withdrawal. I'm such a happier person when I get a nearly daily dose! As for me, I think I'm going to call the podiatrist and set up a time for a new x-ray. My foot is feeling fantastic and I really think I'm ready to start running on it. I even did jumping jacks in class this morning and have no soreness/tenderness or swelling. I could just start running without his permission I guess, but I'd feel better seeing the x-ray first. Food is still , shall we say, NOT near compliance right now... BUT I'm taking the reigns on Wednesday latest. Until then, my bon-voyage of the soon to be discontinued foods and drinks continue. Nothing too horrid, and plenty of good healthy meats, veg and fats going on as well so it's all good. I just couldn't motivate out of bed this morning in time for my morning Spin class. I went to the 8:00 weights class instead so I did manage some activity. I know my energy is tanking in the mornings due to my food choices so there's even more incentive to get back to eating well. Have a good day everyone!
  7. And the kicker is, the person I was going to do this Whole 30 with, purely to support her, has dropped out on me. Now I've had my bon voyage "treats" for no reason. LOL! Well, I do still have the BBC starting Monday at work so I guess those "treats" apply to that fresh start. I did think about going forward without her, but honestly my heart isn't in it right now. I was pretty much going through the motions without true motivation and I don't feel that's the right mentality. I'm going to be strictly Whole30'ish instead and concentrate on bringing up my fitness. it feed a cold, starve a fever? Or the other way round? In your case I guess we know. Evaq - bon voyage fling. PERFECT! I already stole part of that above as you'll see, but that is the perfect explanatory term for it. Its not a binge, it's not out of control or over the top amounts. Its a fling! Just a taste before we say goodbye again. Ha! Well, pre-workout HB egg & coffee w/ coconut milk on board. It's almost time for class. Have a great day everyone!
  8. JenX

    Starting October 1 - Who's with me?

    No, I don't think my heart is in is again this soon. But I'll keep my eye on all of you as you soar to amazing heights of health!
  9. JenX

    Starting October 1 - Who's with me? friend just backed out on me. Since the only reason I was going to do another Whole 30 was to support her, now I'm not sure if I'm going to start on Oct. 1 after all. I may just continue riding my own bike. I'll think on it today and tomorrow and will let you all know.
  10. Better to be sick now than during. Rest up, heal quickly, feel better! Spin class yesterday morning followed by a toning class. Sadly I'll have to miss today's spin class as I have errands I must run at lunch. I did take the dog out for a quick walk this morning though, so I got a bit of activity in. Mentally I'm gearing up to start my 3rd Whole 30 on Oct 1...that seems to mean eating a few things that are not routinely in my diet anymore (hello, cheese, I'm talking to you). I always get this "have to get it out of my system" reaction when I start. It's so silly. Especially when it is food I don't eat all the time anymore. Oh well - only a few more days to go. Saree - I miss running so much, but even that much more when you describe how your morning run went! those feelings of weightless and having extreme mental clarity. I can't wait to get back into it again! Evaq - good luck at the dentist.
  11. JenX

    Breakfast & lunch ideas

    I've been baking up a 6-serving egg casserole lately - there's tons of recipes out there both under "breakfast casserole" and under "frittata" . Basically, cook some compliant sausage (either link or ground), sauté a large amount of veggies and put with the sausage, then cool. Once cooled, add a dozen whisked eggs and season as you like. Bake for 30-40 minutes in a medium oven until the eggs are set. I cut it into 6 portions and put it in storage ware in the fridge. Then it's just a matter of reheating. I usually have it on a bed of baby spinach or other greens for added veggies, and some avocado for additional fat. Lunch today was all pre-made. Baked spaghetti squash strands, reheated meat sauce I made in the slow cooker yesterday, big handful of baby spinach wilted by the heat of the other 2 + glug of olive oil. Usually I'm more of a huge salad, 1-2 palms of pre-cooked meat and dressing or dressing and olives kind of gal, but I wanted something warm today.
  12. JenX

    Starting October 1 - Who's with me?

    Buy and cook more food than you think you'll need. Stock some in the freezer pre-cooked for those days you find yourself short. Stick to the meal template for your 3 squares and try not to snack unless you are really truly hungry. Embrace the fat -it's an amazing substance! I remember the first 2 weeks of my 1st w30 I'd do the shopping and cooking and think "there is no way I'm going to get through all this FOOD!" But I always ran low by Friday. I did kahlua pig in the crock pot yesterday and have a chicken to bake today, along with spaghetti squash and butternut plus some yams. I also need to make an egg casserole for breakfasts - that works really well for a meal to take to work and reheat after my morning workout. Guess I better hit the kitchen!
  13. Yesterday was a rest day for me. Last week's total was 4 spin classes, 2 body weight circuit classes, and one round of Pliates. I'm starting to get my groove back! I'll take the dog for a walk and a trip to the dog park today. She's been cooped up the last 3 weeks as she had to have a growth removed from her back foot. Bandages and stitches are finally gone and she's raring to go! She's only 2 and very active (used to running with me 10-15 miles a week) so the confinement has been driving us both crazy. Happy belated birthday Saree! And my condolences on the loss of your grandmother and the news on your dog. I'm so sorry! Jmcbn - I stand with all my weight in my right leg too. My left chain is always a mess - I have a bone spur in my left heel, have had cartilage surgery on my left knee, and that hip is definitely weakest. Hope your exercises go well, and I'm glad you got PT as your Rx instead of a surgical recommendation. You'll be back at it in no time. My foot is feeling really well so I'm going to make an appointment for 4 months post-break and get another ex-Ray. I want to start running again as soon as possible. I miss getting outdoors with the sunrise, listening to the birds.
  14. JenX

    Starting October 1 - Who's with me?

    Hi Susabella!! {waving} I'm in. I talked a friend into doing her 1st Whole 30 so will be joining her in support. This will be my 3rd Whole 30. I only seem able to lose body fat when I'm "officially" on plan, too. Although I've been pretty stoked about maintaining during my re-intros and riding my own bike, it's time to get things moving again. As added incentive, I'm joining my work's Better Body Challenge. You pay an entry fee ($25) and so long as you loose 5% (combined, weight and body fat) you get your fee back. You're also eligible to win other prizes and raffles along the way. There ARE bi-weekly weigh ins for this, but I just won't look/will get on the scale backwards. My incentive isn't weight loss anyway, but rather to get my body fat percentage back down. Quite a lot of my lean muscle turned to fat while I was sitting on the couch nursing a broken foot. Looking forward to it!
  15. Yep - taking a structured class makes it much more exciting. I have a trainer for my road bike and a treadmill at home, but you'll never catch me on either unless its raining cats and dogs and I have a specific training need to meet I can't put off.