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Elise's Whole30

Guest Elise

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I made it 2 complete days on the Whole30 and on day 3 had a breakdown. Sad huh? I guess I'll pick it back up tomorrow. I felt really good for the first two days, then something about the 3rd day, I got a horrible headache to the point where I could not hardly function, felt cranky and upset. I thought that eating some bread would make me feel better, but once I went down that path, it was a landslide! A taco, few tortilla chips and 3 cookies later...I feel horrible!! As bad as I feel about "falling off the wagon," I think that knowing how bad I feel now, and that it is even worse than how I felt when I was eating right, will motivate me. Also, thinking that a lot of fruit was a bad idea for me. I read that for people with IBS, eating a lot of fruit can upset their digestive tract, and while I'm not diagnosed, I do have some stomach ailments that are congruent with IBS. Today I ate half an apple and some grapes and after eating another half of an apple, I was SICK. Any ideas? I don't like vegetables, so I was trying to substitute some of the veggies with fruit. Hopefully tomorrow will go better!

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