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Kome in Austin, TX


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I just moved to Austin a few months ago and I've delved out into the restaurant scene very selectively since I eat so well at home! Tonight some friends and I had dinner out at the sushi restaurant Kome.

First of all they listened when I asked our waitress what dishes were safe during my Whole30. I had a few in mind and she pointed out the ones that would work. Then when they made my sashimi with a soy based sauce as garnish she apologized and had them make a whole new plate.

I felt a little odd about bringing in my coconut aminos because I thought that the staff were all looking at me with a funny gaze since I asked for no soy and yet I seemed to be dipping my food into soy sauce. So, I told my waitress that I brought my own and she replied, "Oh, you brought your own coconut aminos? Why? We have our own!" Cue my jaw hitting the floor.

All in all, a great dining experience and totally possible to be Whole30 compliant and eat there VERY happily. Enjoy all you Austinites!!

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