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I'm starting tomorrow- July 24th!


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I started on July 24th, too. I attempted to do a Whole30 about a year ago but only got to day 15 - I was not able to break the food addiction cycle and gave up.


This time, I feel very motivated because of knee/leg pain, tiredness, and digestive issues (not to mention being about 100 lbs overweight). At first I was going to wait until August 3, when I am back at school and in a routine (and also after a big family party on Aug 1), but then I realized I didn't want to wait one more day to feel better.


So, I started officially yesterday, even though I was at a workshop all day where we were only offered cookies and chips for snacks and people crinkled their chip bags during the whole presentation. I think that was a good test. I brought my lunch and snacked on almonds (before reading that we're not supposed to snack if we can avoid it).


Today I cleaned out my fridge and did a lot of shopping, starting with the farmer's market - the highlight of which for me is usually getting a breakfast sandwich - but instead I loaded up on lots of fresh veggies and fruit. The shopping was an effort, in getting used to what not to buy. But I am enjoying browsing recipes and I feel empowered and ready for the coming week.


I'm really glad to have this forum to share and hear others' stories.



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