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Bucket's Second Whole30!!!


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Day 1

My first Whole30 ended last Tuesday and so I gave myself the rest of the week and the weekend off before embarking upon this second Whole30.

My results from the first were decent, but not as good as I expected. The end of it was thrown into chaos asI started work upon receiving my Employment Pass and Visa in Singapore (after waiting for more than two months). Work days here are long and schedules are strange, so days now involve bringing lots of food with me and cooking on the weekends.

For my second Whole30 I have decided that I will be cutting out fruit and nut butters and nuts -- unless they are a part of recipes (like my meatballs today and Well Fed's Comfort Noodles). Cutting out fruit is going to be HUGE. I have always loved fruit and have long preferred it to other treats and sweets. I hope that cutting out these things will bring even better results. I don't know, however, if I am willing to eliminate fruit long-term.

For this second Whole30 I am also going to focus on walking. Long work days in Singapore are really interfering with my gym time, so I am committing myself to walking home from work each day. I think this will be nicer than commuting by MRT or bus, but the 90+ degrees and high humidity may have me regretting this choice. We shall see.

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Day 1 - eating

Much of this Whole30 is about learning to eat while working a traditional job. Yes, I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but I am an academic, so a traditional 9-5 or, rather 8:30-6:00 here in Singapore has never been my working schedule. Here everyone goes out to lunch for an hour, and everyone buys lunch from local hawker stands. The food is far from healthy. But some days I do feel torn between engaging more in the culture in which I am living and dining out more here and eating what I know is best for me.

Breakfast - sweet potato hash (sweet potato, ground grass fed pork, coconut milk, spices)

Lunch - mixed lettuce, cabbage, and lamb meat balls

Walked home from work - 35 minute walk

Dinner - Comfort Noodles - eggs, zucchini noodles, almonds

Post Dinner, Dinner - I found myself very hungry a few hours later and so I snacked on the sweet potato hash

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Day 2

I am still getting used to eating on a schedule. Around 5pm, and still at work, I find myself getting hungry, but I don't leave the office until 6pm and then there is the walk home. Yesterday and today I toughed it out, had a cup of tea, and drank more water. I am not sure if I am doing a good job of tricking my body or even doing the right thing by my body as by the time I get home and have dinner, I am still feeling full when I go to bed. I don't like going to bed feeling like I am still digesting.

Cutting out fruit now that I am out of the house and not around fruit all the time has made this pretty easy except when I almost forget. Fruit is such a natural part of my daily life and diet, and I know it is healthy for me, so cutting it out just feels very strange. But today I've felt like both my ring and watch were looser, so maybe fruit has been holding me back. Then again, maybe that is just me not drinking enough water. In time I will know more.

Breakfast - sweet potato hash

Lunch - lots of cabbage, some lettuce, and lamb meatballs

Dinner - carrots, cabbage, bit of sweet potato hash, and one chorizo link.

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Day 3

Wicked dreams last night. Oh my! Seriously. Don't know if it is Whole30 related or not, but oh my. The dreams coupled with me needing to get up super early did not make for the most restful night. I guess that when I am asleep I am soundly asleep, but when I wake up in the middle of the night or when I am just going to bed I do have much more trouble now then before my first Whole30.

Pants are fitting looser today, which seems to support yesterday's feelings, so maybe change is sinking in.

Breakfast - sweet potato hash

Lunch - cabbage, lettuce, and lamb meatballs

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