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gusseting + veggie whole30 Aug 1


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so. day 1.
not perfect, but progress. here's what needs improving: breakfast - i've been sick with a bad cold, so just getting out of bed somedays is a major achievement. today was one of them, so it was fruit for breakfast, telling myself it was ok, for the extra shot of liquid + fibre + vitamin c from fruit. 

0 protein though, and made up for it with lunch - grated sweet potato stir fried until browning, with 3 eggs + nutritional yeast scrambled into it.
dinner = pan fried grated tofu + broccoli florets + this sunshine sauce usually used for pad thai


on top of that was extra bananas + an almond milk latte that i had out, and really struggled to drink. I think it's a case of soy lattes only as a mega treat, or perhaps try almond/date milk at home with (ye gods!) instant.

I've only just thought of this - and boy, deliciousness ahoy! the I LOVE VEGGIES BAKE is whole30 compliant (the trick - find a suitable vegetable broth - I did an iherb shop in advance, and bought rapunzel ). meanwhile, there's soup to make, vegetables to roast, and i'm looking forward to making this collard quiche with sweet potato crust.

have been off the bandwagon exercise wise due to cold - so tomorrow is swim + sauna to help correct both back + cold. see how that goes.
I didn't weigh myself before starting and don't have scales in the house on purpose - but figure a waist measurement tomorrow could be a Good Thing.

I threw out the rice noodles that i didn't manage to get through yesterday. a sad moment. still, they'll be waiting for me on the other side, should i choose to imbibe in them again. we will see.

something that i'm learning is that the less stuff with barcodes, the better off you are. even after buying soda water today, i noticed - this stuff is not making my digestion happy. i'm burping weird and things are happening that ordinarily don't, so it's not so great for me.

breakfast tomorrow: zucchini + sweet potato latkes:

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another tough to get moving type day. i managed a short walk, then cooking - a soup, roasted vegetables, and the collard quiche with sweet potato crust, having some of that for dinner.

so breakfast = mandarin, bananas, coconutmilk + berries + chia

lunch = tofu + broccoli + mushrooms + zucchini + sunshine sauce

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feeling sick. this is a FODMAP thing. I thought i could get away with pretty much eating whatever was allowed on the program. After a day of cooking food, none of which is fodmap approved due to onions + brassicas (hello brussels sprouts), I'm feeling stupidly ill.

I can't stomach the thought of more eggs today, so a day off with bananas, perhaps some zucchini fritters, see what else is available with all the veggies i've brought.

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i think i should start a master list of the food that i'm thinking about that isn't compliant - so then i know my triggery things, and i just get it over and done with, down in digital, and move on.


turkish delight.

salt chocolate

raisins (but they're compliant! yeah, but a whole box isn't!)

lune croissants <--this can wait until they've moved across town too.

shortstop donuts <-- i can wait.

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it's the 5th. a sixth of the way through whole30.

i need to find myself some better food ideas, and some more support.

i think the FODMAP sensitivity is what is getting me down, and the concept that i'm not "doing it right" because of not following the meal template at breakfasts...


had bananas this morning, then later on some roast vegetables + a cold egg + veg casserole for lunch. 

coffee, then the problem - i was meant to go to a dinner. way too late. and just got horribly depressed.

so i went to a supermarket, to get potatoes to roast for dinner, figuring that starches were the way to go, and i haven't really had potatoes yet.

so...while i was there, i found whole30 compliant curry paste, pickles, tomato paste, lettuce...and a kilo bag of salted cashews.

and just shovelled handfuls of cashews into my mouth on the way home.

it could have been worse, it could have been 1 million and one other things, but it's not a behaviour that i'm wanting to continue.


trying on clothes today, and seeing my body in a mirror just reinforced how bad things really are. i am obese. the main kind of jeans that are going to fit me are maternity jeans due to my shape, and i'm not pregnant, and never will be.


is this really how i want to spend the rest of my life?

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so it's the 11th. over a third of the way through this whole30.
i felt sick this morning, and still am having digestive issues even though i ate fodmap clean yesterday with kale, bananas, eggs, and tempeh avocado lettuce boats. i just want to go back to eating rice, because it's safe, i can digest the stuff, and there's no...is this what is causing my stomach issues?

now is where i'm cynical as all get go. it's lifechanging! oh yeah? just like every other freaking xday food based thing.

  • Boost Energy Levels*
  • Feel Healthy*
  • Look & Feel Younger*
  • Lose Weight*

    i have no rush of energy here.
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it's tough deciding what to go back to. thinking about silver dollar pancakes (ie almond meal, eggs, blueberries + banana + maple syrup). a fetta/yogurt test would be good.

woke up with bad digestion. from what exactly? i don't know. stress, perhaps?

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