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August 1st -- Round 5


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Started my 5th W30 today.  Feeling both excited and a little nervous/defeated because the whole lifestyle change thing doesn't seem to stick for me. I have lost and regained 15 lbs with each w30 which is super frustrating.  Each time I have felt better but not tiger blood fabulous.  Several medical issues are working against me (hashimotos, pernicious anemia, sluggish adrenals) that I think a w60 or w90 might better address.  My biggest struggle is figuring out how to do this with my family.  Husband is all in (thank goodness!!)  but we have 6 boys - 11 years old down to 2 years old and they do well with most of the dinners but not with breakfast/lunch.    

Any tips for large families?  for making life changes that last?  for figuring out how to live well without being w365?  Does a w60/90 really make that much difference? 


thanks for listening

:) jenny


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