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Today I am starting a Whole30 because I am frustrated and very much hoping it helps.  This journal will not be detailing what I eat, but rather the process.  

I have known for a few years that I have issues with gluten and soy.  In 2013 I was taking a cocktail of antidepressants and an incredibly high dose of Xanax.  I wanted to get pregnant and began working with my doctor to slowly wean off the Xanax and noticed major improvements to my mood cutting out those food groups.  I had more energy and felt better and often would find when I ate them my panic attacks would recur or I would be jittery and anxious.  I managed to get off medications and was half ass gf and soy free.  And got pregnant (yay!)  With pregnancy, my stomach was a disaster until the third trimester and I turned to breads and pastry to help ease the nausea and satisfy my sweet tooth.  My daughter was born in March (healthy! happy! chunky!) and I continued to spiral food wise and craved sugar all day every day.

Soon after my daughter was born, she developed colic and some GI issues.  I was advised to give up dairy and did.  And then weird health things kept happening.  I developed a full body rash and panicked going to the dr. who told me it was harmless but would be around for at least a couple of months.  I got home and researched it like mad and read that it may be tied to autoimmune issues.  I have previously been diagnosed with certain autoimmune difficulties so this information sent off a siren.  I decided to really recommit to being gluten free and cutting it completely.  3 days later the rash was almost totally gone.  After a couple of weeks I noticed I was physically feeling good -- I had energy, enthusiasm, less brain fog.  My sugar cravings were gone. But my joints still ached and so on and so forth.  And then my daughter developed signs that she was having issues with foods I was eating and getting transferred to her via nursing.  I consulted a dietician who recommended doing exactly the Whole30 except no eggs.  NO EGGS!  

So here is where I am.  

Because I am nursing a perpetually hungry little one, I will be keeping a fair amount of starchy food (sweet potatoes, bananas) in what I eat so supply does not decrease.  I am not really dreading this except giving up alcohol.  I really enjoy having a glass of wine or a dry cider at night but 30 days isn't that long and if I am really craving wine by day 15, I will order a nice bottle and save it until the end to split with my husband and friends.  

My other goal during this period is to resume more physical activity.  Yesterday I went to a baby wearing barre class.  Considering my daughter is 20lbs, doing squats with her attached to me was no joke.  

So I know there will be times in the next 30 days that are hard.  So here is my list of all the reasons I am starting Whole30.  Some of these are profound and big and others are petty and small.


Why I am doing Whole30

-So my daughter is healthy and doesn't have allergic reactions to the foods I am eating which cause her discomfort

-To provide my daughter a good role model of self care and nutrition

-To strengthen my commitment to eating and supporting food that is ethically produced and not filled with pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics

-To enjoy cooking again

-To have my joints not ache

-To have my stomach not ache

-To keep my anxiety at bay

-To not break out into rashes!

-To have energy and excitement

-To start fitting into some of the really nice clothes I have when I weighed 50 lbs less

-To decrease brain fog

-As part of a commitment to take care of my needs and health, even if the process is hard

-To end my obsession with the scale and make greater peace with my body 

-To not pass on my self image issues to my daughter


So, here goes.

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Good luck to you!  You're going to feel amazing.  I'm only on Day 10 but I can definitely feel a difference.  I no longer miss snacking and I definitely go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier as well.  This forum is an awesome support as well - there's always something new to learn browsing through the discussions. :)

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Last night I made a really delicious dinner which helped after a frustrating day (not food related as I had enough energy to get outside and try doing some running but more one of those days where are the little things go wrong): tuna steak, homemade quick pickles with a cucumber from our garden, spicy cabbage slaw and a ton of sautéed broccolini.  Thank goodness for coconut aminos.  


Right now it is hard to know if I am feeling blah due to the dietary changes or because my teething little one was up 6 times last night to eat and is fussy.  Thankfully, I should be able to get a nap this afternoon and tonight I am roasting a gigantic chicken from my cousin's farm.  It is 11lbs of fatty chicken goodness.


I am making a strong effort to not focus on how much I am eating (especially because I am currently nursing every hour) but how hungry I am and what I want.  


Today and yesterday were not so hard food wise.  I really like meats, certain vegetables and avocados.  I am guessing that will get really boring quickly though so I made a bunch of Nom Nom Paleo's magic mushroom powder and have been researching whole30 recipes.  I get to pick up a bunch of pastured pork and beef in a couple of weeks which will help to stock the freezer and inspire me to make more slow cooker pork.  


This is an exceptionally dull update and journalling.  Any comments regarding what to expect the first few days?

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