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Starting Today -- August 12


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Hi!  I am starting my first Whole30 today with my husband.  We eat pretty well (healthy) already, but I've been experiencing a couple of medical issues that I'm hoping might improve or resolve with the elimination of certain foods.  I spent the last two days shopping for groceries and prepping veggies to make food prep easier in the week.  We started with the meal plan in the Whole30 book.  I don't mind cooking, but I haven't done much in the past several months, so I'm a little rusty.  My mayonnaise was an epic fail last night, so I need to try that again today.  The frittata this morning was awesome!  I don't really have my pre- and post-workout meal ducks in a row yet, so I'm just going to do a quick indoor cycle workout soon after breakfast.  I'll boil eggs and bake sweet potatoes later today for the rest of the week.


I'm looking forward to connecting with others on here!

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Hello kthkm,


Guess what????  My husband and I are starting tomorrow.  We did exactly what you did --- shopping for groceries, etc.  Last week we drove to Plattsburgh, NY went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get new cutting boards, meat tenderizer, meat thermometer - then to Trader Joes for a few things.  Looking forward to starting tomorrow.  I am going to make steak, eggs and sweet potato for breakfast --- then cook for the week. 


You are making me nervous about making mayo.....but I will try and let you know. 


I look forward to keeping up with you....



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