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    Anyone fancy a Well Fed challenge?

    I made this recipe the other night - DELISH and my husband said "This is a keeper" Personally I would use a little less Sunbutter - I felt the sauce was too thick but still delish.

    Canned sweet potatoes for salmon cakes

    I also bake up some sweet potatoes and use as needed. It's also cheaper.

    Anyone fancy a Well Fed challenge?

    I just found Sunbutter in laval at Tau and I am going to try Mel's new orange sticky chicken she provided in her recent email about her new book. I will let you know how it comes out. So far I am batting 1000 with her recipes
  4. When I go to TJ I get their coconut oil, rice vinegar, sesame oil. Also, if you know in advance - you should check out thrivemarket.com. before I went to my niece's wedding in the states later year - I ordered a year supply of Red Boat Fish sauce and Coconut Amino at greatly discounted prices. Being away from Canada for more than 48 hours allows you to bring CAD $800 duty free. I joined the Thrive Market for their trial period ten cancelled because theyou do not ship to Canada. I had the oder shipped to my sister in law in MD and drove it back with me. Check them out - their prices are less than Amazon.

    Anyone fancy a Well Fed challenge?

    I made the plantain nachos. And the Cuban mat balls with the fried plantains. ABSOLUTELY DELISH

    Frozen Cauliflower Rice at Trader Joes

    How do you freeze it? Before or after cooking? I would love to know your secret :-)

    Sheer terror I won't lose weight

    I must weigh in. ( excuse the pun) Don't be terrified it is not necessary. Trust me. I have a lot of weight to lose and started Whole 30 on Aug 13. Did it for 60 days and did a very sl├▓oooooooow reintroduction and maintain a true whole 30 environment on home So today is Jan 29th - 6 months later. I am at the weight I was when I first arrived in Quebec in 2012. The scales says I lost 24 pounds since I started in Aug. And my clothes from 3 years ago are HUGE on me. So let go of the scales power over you - it is only a number. I just see how I look and am thrilled my slacks are sliding down. The most important thing is you will feel and look better. The program is the best thing to happen to me since meeting my husband.

    Day 4 and want to quit

    Thanks for this tip. I just bought a bag of limes to make sauce for my fried plantains - now I will aid my digestion and not waste any limes. Have a great day!!!!!!

    Day 4 and want to quit

    I haven't signed in for a while because I finished a Whole 60 and am keeping Whole 30 true in the house since. I cannot stress how good I feel since THE whole 30 entered my life. I still don't crave sugar and it turns out I love to cook new recipes. I used to live for sugar eating candy was a food group for me - now I enjoy fruit with my meals. Think of the little engine that could....when you feel like quitting. Each day gets easier and before you know it is Day 30. Hang in there you will love yourself and really see a difference with your relationship with food. And know everyone in this forum are here for you and rooting for you.
  10. CONGRATS - amazing how the right food is your best friend. May you go from strength to strength

    Winter soups?

    This sounds delish - thanks for sharing

    Can I eat chicken drumsticks ?

    Try NomNomPaleos Damn Fine Chicken - I have it marinating as I type ---- it is delish

    It's been a while.....

    How was Montreal? I am doing OK - I looked like I got hit by a truck - the swelling is gone but boy am I black and blue - I should look normal soon I hope LOL I have been good since the ICE CREAM day and am feeling so much better. Today is prep day. Already made salmon cakes, damn fine chicken is marinating, now I am going to make chicken meatballs and then roast broccoli and Brussel sprouts I love this program

    My very first Whole30 has begun

    Welcome everyone and good luck!!! I finished my first WHOLE 3O and after 4 days in my knees stopped hurting me - LOVE LONDON I hope you have similar results. My husband is Type 2 diabetic (and we got his endochronologist's blessing before we started) was taken off 2 medications after 4 days. We feel great and LOVE the food. It took me a few days to get my sealegs with the prep, but now we always have prepared food in the fridge. It makes life so much easier Now we are compliant at home but when we eat out we have steak,potato and grilled veggies Good luck it really works and it changes your approach to food