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Super excited....and anxious. Will begin this journey with my 9 yr old son who has many allergies and food sensitivities. This last year he has begun a disturbing habit of getting swiftly agitated out of nowhere and very angry. Sooooo, here we go together to finally get this allergy thing under control. He already gets allery injections 1/month for last 3 years but new symptoms keep arising. Are they food related or not? That is what we hope to find out.

I have 3 children and other 2 will come along for ride since mom is the cook but I won't restrict snacks and school lunch as much.

My biggest concerns are hubby who will have nothing to do with it and my sons tantrums, possible cheating, and likely defiance against the program at some point. Right now he is all in. He too is very disturbed by his anger and short temper.

All in all, I am actually looking forward to it.

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