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Start Whole30 in Switzerland


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I have started yesterday. My today headache seems normal, as I have read in this forum.

I have no idea of half the names Clarissa has used in her book.

Nevertheless, I am sure my body will gain a lot from this project. I hope being less tired, no more sweat during the night.

This Whole30 initiative is going to be a great English lesson, and a way to stop with sterotypes about American food!!

Have a great day, Francesca

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Hi Framalisa,


if you need any help with the translations for food or ingredients I can try to help you out. My German is not that good for conversations but when it comes to food I am pretty OK, if you are the other side of the country in the French or Italian parts I'll be useless :P.


MFG from near Zürich  :)

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Hello MFG

Thanks for your suggestion. This is appreciated.

I am in the French part, and I am studying German with my daughter at school. So, we might just continue to speak in English to compare the brands of the product in Coop and Migros, I guess.

I have not found the coconut aminos. I am going to try in a bio shop. And you? Have you found it?

As I have a Mediterranean regime, I wonder if all the sausages with egg for the breakfast will be good for me.

Where are you in your Whole30 journey?

Great to speak with someone sharing the same experience.

Enjoy your Sunday, Francesca

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Bonjour Francesca, 


I know a little French having lived & worked on the french side for 2 years but that was a long time ago :-)


For coconut aminos I ordered them from iHerb, I could not find them anywhere in Switzerland. The delivery times are really fast.


I never found compliant sausages so I made them myself but never put the meat into skins as I didn't find them. Coop has compliant bacon, it's the bio one. The Naturaplan has sugar in it so is a no go. Once you get used to eating meat at breakfast it is really good, I could not imagine having anything else now. Keeps me full and happy till lunchtime.


My W30 was in February but I continue to eat this way the vast majority of the time.


Enjoy your Sunday!

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Hello Loulabelle

I hope you are fine.

I have a doubt on potatoes. We can eat them with no restriction, or do we have a limit?

For the rest, for the first time, i had no craving at the beginning of my period. Which is good!

I am in day 10; my expectations are high and I hope that some of minor healings might be solved.

I am having some bad times with my husband who fears this way of eating will explose my cholesterol.

And you?

Had you problem with you family?

Enjoy this long weekend, Francesca

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We can eat potatoes no problem, just no deep frying them.


Your husbands fears are not founded in science, the advice previously given about fats in eggs etc raising cholesterol have been found to be incorrect. If you lose weight however, your cholesterol may go up temporarily as your body gets rid of it but this is normal.   


I'm doing great thanks and having a wonderful weekend; enjoying the unexpected sunshine :-) The only problem I have with my family is having to cook extra food such as pasta or rice for my boys as they don't eat this way. Happy Sunday!

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