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My First Whole30 Food Log of Awesomeness, Maybe?!?


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I'm on day #16 of my first Whole30 (started Monday August 31st). I've had some pretty kicking NSV's so far primarily improved mood, energy stabilizing, decreased cravings, and less digestive problems. I haven't noticed an incredible body composition change BUT it's only been two weeks AND I have continued to eat too much fruit, larabars, nut butters, etc. All of which are not recommended but are technically compliant. I feel more firmly footed and wanted to really start slaying my sugar dragon! I thought keeping a log and maybe having the sage advanced members review it would be helpful and possibly I'll refrain from eating as much fruit!  ;)


Day #16: 

6:45 am- loose leaf black tea with light coconut milk (I know I'm supposed to use full but the light mixes better in hot beverages in my humble opinion) 


7:45-20 min lower body weight circuit at home 


10:00- 3 HB eggs; 2 C raw vegetables with Tessame dressing; 2 thin rounds of applegate pepperoni; 4 pieces of dried banana (they're basically dehydrated bananas-ingredient list: banana, banana powder)


12:00-3 C black tea 


3:00- 1 large chicken breast; 2 C roasted vegetables incl about 1/2 C red potatoes, Tessamae dressing, La Croix (blackberry/cucumber my new fav!) 


7:30- 1 can tunafish; 1 T compliant mayo; 2 C raw vegetables; 1 C shredded squash; 1/4 C pistachios; 1 C frozen grapes;

herbal tea 



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