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Excited on Day 1!


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Greetings all!  I'm starting me second Whole30 and I'm super excited about the Whole 30 Daily and all the new support that is now in place.  I have a junk food junkie husband and it's easy for me to get off track with all the temptation in the house, so the support is very welcome.  I have been junking myself even up until last night when, knowing today was day 1, we went out for ice cream in a waffle cone.  This morning I felt such a sense of relief and excitement to be getting started.  I am committed to getting healthy in spite of my husband!  He's a great guy and I love him dearly, but I will be dead in short order if I eat everything he eats.  I have to separate myself from the processed junk.  Thanks for listening and best wished to all my fellow whole 30 ers!  Bonnie K

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