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Started TODAY! :D 9/18/15

Kelly's Belly

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Hi everyone! I heard (via FB) about Whole30 from a friend of mine. I've gained 10 lbs in a little under a year and have been hating an overall feeling of lack of control about what I eat. I'm the type of girl that prefers to be able to eat whatever I would like and then just sweat if off at the gym but unfortunately I've learned the hard way it doesn't work like that! I'm looking forward to being more confident in the kitchen and also learning some of my triggers for breakout flare-ups. Thanks in advance for all your advice on this forum. I really look forward to learning from everyones experiences!

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Hello Kelly's Belly,

Welcome to WHOLE 30.  Trust me, you will become more confident in the kitchen and wait until you make your own mayonnaise.


FYI, my husband and I finished our WHOLE 30 last Friday and just finished DAY 38.  We love the food and the recipes and find so many new ones on line and in this Forum.


And about this FORUM, it is great and everyone is here for one another and the MODERATORS are terrific and they know their stuff.  Feel free to ask questions and share ideas.  You have a great new family here.


I hope you get all that you want out of the program.  Me, after 3 days my knees stopped hurting, after 30 days I got into clothes I couldn't wear for months.  My husband was taken off 2 diabetic meds and needs a new belt.


It works.


GOOD LUCK!!!!! and most of all enjoy and have fun.

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