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Slighty nervous about upcoming work travel


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I am slightly nervous about some upcoming travel for work - gone for 5 days. I leave late tomorrow afternoon.


While I have already scoped out where there are grocery stores close to my hotels, I have two dinners out that I have to attend. I chose the first restaurant and have looked at the menu and feel confident that I can make good choices. I will also plan on calling the restaurant before I dine just to be certain. I did not choose the second restaurant, but I have already called them to discuss how I am eating. They suggested I e-mail tham a list of what I am not eating (I have) right now and sounds like the chef is willing to be accomodating. Fingers crossed.


Tonight I am thinking about what I should pack from home to bring with me. I have time to prep tomorrow morning. I only have carry on and have to be careful about produce as I am crossing a border at one point. I will have a small fridge at both hotels. Currently, I am thinking about bringing the following:

  • Packed meal for the plane ride (crudite including celery, either egg or chicken salad made with homemade mayo)
  • Egg muffins (packed in an insulated bag with an ice pack)
  • Small bags of almonds and cashews
  • Emergency items (in case of flight delays - flights are relatively long): compliant turkey sticks and lara bars (I plan not to use unless desperate; hopefully that won't happen)

Have thought about packing a few more veggies but am thinking I will pick that up at the grocery stores near my hotels.


That said, I would be open to suggestions form the forum.




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