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Wow, friends reacting well


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I'm in the first week of the whole30 and my biggest concern with doing the program was related to my social life. Will my friends think it's weird that I'm not eating out in restaurants as much or not drinking a bunch on the weekend? I've been putting off starting the program because I didn't want my social life to be negatively affected.

So, last night was my first Saturday night on the program. A couple friends were getting together to drink before going out to bars and dancing. This is normally a situation where I'd drink a ton and feel like crap the next morning. I debated not going, but decided I'd give it a try. When I got there, I just said that I wasn't drinking tonight and to my shock, no one questioned it. No one peer pressured me and not once was I given a hard time. At some point, people were playing drinking games and they had me use water to play along. I went out to the bars with them after, danced, and feel amazing this morning with no hangover. Honestly, I thought it would be a big deal and it was not at all. So, I guess this is a tale to others that people might surprise you in how they react and I guess you don't have to give up some social aspects that you thought you might!

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