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Starting today!


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Today's the day i start, this has been a long time coming, i have decided no more excuses it's time to say I can not I can't. I'm doing this not only for myself but my family. The last few months i have had constant back pain, felt stressed, and have continued to over eat to the point i feel sick all just because. I have created a top ten list, whats yours? 


My Top Ten reasons i'm doing this

1) To have more energy 

2) Sleep better (I have insomnia and night sweats) 

3) Curb cravings and kick sugar for good 

4) Stop emotional or stress eating 

5) Relieve back pain 

6) Gain overall happiness 

7) Clearer Skin 

8) Help myself become more body positive 

9) Get rid of the bloating feeling (Right now it's all the time) 

10) Be a better person and hold myself accountable 


A few months ago i eliminated the word can't from our house because i constantly heard our children say i can't, but yet everyday i wake up and tell my self i can't. I feel like such a hypocrite saying to my kids you can but yet telling myself i can't. Enough is enough today is a new day. 


Can't wait to see that this journey holds.... 

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