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Deby's Whole30 Journey


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Well, I just found this forum today! Glad I found it before I got too far into my WHole30!

I am about to wind down Day 3 and I have to say I am feeling fine! I read my Whole30 daily today with all the news on feeling lethargic, cranky, etc and I am surprised I am not having those symptoms...yet. Not sure if I should be worried! :)

Did pretty well with my food today.

Last night for dinner I made some Chicken Tortilla-less Soup to use up some grilled chicken breasts and grilled veggies I had in the fridge. Turned out great! Just grilled chicken, grilled peppers, grilled tomatoes and onions with some yummy spices. Was wonderful!

Today I had:

Breakfast: leftover soup with 2 poached eggs

Lunch: Grass fed burger with tomato, grilled onions, and mustard wrapped in lettuce

Was starving when I got home so I had a hard boiled egg with a small handful of raw nuts.

Dinner: Pulled pork, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, 1/4 avocado, 1/2 sliced apple (with dinner)

Thanks in advance for the support!

I hope my Day 4 is as great as my Day 3 has been!

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Well, another couple of Whole30 days in the bank!

I am a law student and had class and a whole mess of things I had to do on Saturday. I ended up doing an IF for the day and had a beautiful grilled grass fed NY strip for dinner. I found some Honeycrisps apples the size of my head so I sliced up half of one and had it with dinner. It was DIVINE! I am so glad Honeycrisps are back!

Today has been pretty good! I am a little tired but I attribute that to 9 hours of Oil and Gas Law class yesterday and working on my thesis today. I really am not having any of the flus or fogs yet. I hope that because I was eating a pretty strict Paleo diet before I started my Whole30 I will dodge those bullets!

Food today has been great so far.


2 eggs over easy with some leftover pulled Kalua pork and some broccoli I roasted with garlic and bacon. It was so good with the runny yolk!

That help me pretty well thru grocery shopping and errand until lunch.


A few raw nuts

egg salad with 2 eggs, a teaspoon paleo mayo, mustard, cornichons, red onion

on a bed of spinach and romaine with sunburst tomatoes and english cucumber.

I had a couple pork rinds on the side for added crunch. It was delicious!

My stomach started rumbling a few minutes ago and I am about to go make dinners for tonight and the week so I really did not want to eat so I had a spoonful of organic coconut butter to tide me over. Worked!

Dinner tonight is grilled duck with cherry chipotle sauce and sautéed chard on the side. The duck recipe is a new one and I hope it's good! But I really don't see how grilled duck can be wrong!

Now my challenge is getting back to the gym. I am one of those people that needs little guidance with menus and food, but I need a map to figure out workouts to do! I need a good one that makes sense and is not needless cardio and weights without benefit. Any one have any good programs to recommend? (I need one that tells me what to do each day, I need that much help!)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and an even better Whole30!

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Just started my second Whole 30 today (completed one in April), so I'm looking for others who are doing it along with me. Sounds like you are off to a good start.

Grilled duck! I had never had duck until a few weeks ago when I had it at an event I attended. I didn't even know that's what I was eating, but I kept saying how much I loved this meat and then my husband told me it was duck. Let me know how the grilled duck turned out because I want to try either grilling or roasting a duck soon!

When I turned 50 I hired a personal trainer to tell me what to do, so I understand what you mean about needing someone to tell you want to do. And a couple of weeks ago I joined a group at the YMCA called "Endurance" that is basically a running group, but you can start with walking and some people train once a week on their bikes. It actually makes running fun because you are with a group and the trainers tell you what to do each session. We have warm-ups, then the day's plan (either distance or sprints or hills), then strenth or stretching. It's great! Maybe you can find something similar?

Good luck! You are off to a great start!

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