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Day 4 completed today.

Sarah J

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Hey everyone, 


I'm on my second round of whole30. The first time though, I didn't have the book, and I was eating foods that I thought were whole30 compliant, but weren't. It's been a few weeks, I've the read the book, and I'm well prepared. I've just completed day 4, and on the email they were talking about how some people have dreams about non compliant foods.


I had one of these last night. My dream was I had a mug of ginger & lemon tea but for some reason it had milo floating in chunks on top (talk about weird), and I drank a little of it. In my dream I was like "Oh no, I've blown it, now I have to start back at day 1 again. Man I was glad I woke up and realised it was just a dream. 

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