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Whole30 Virgin Starting October 1

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I'm so excited --- I am starting my Whole30 Program for the first time starting October 1 -- I have spent the last month reading "It Starts With Food" -- if you haven't read it yet - I HIGHLY recommend it. In fact, a few times I started listening to it on Audible while making my lunch and it made me want to do this program that much more and helped me want to make right choices while eating. 


For the past few weeks I have been trying new veggies and recipes to prep for the Whole30 -- any other tips you ladies and gents recommend before starting? 

I also could all the support I can get! Let's do this! 

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Hi Heather,


WELCOME TO WHOLE 30.  October 1st will be the first day of the rest of your life.  It is a GREAT PROGRAM (my husband and I are on DAY46) and it works if you follow the rules.  Take it one day at a time. 


Having said that....this forum is filled with lots of people to support you.  Any questions, ask -- the Moderators know their stuff so don't be shy.


You were smart to try new veggies, recipes....and you will be making your own mayo -- did you ever think you would be making your own mayo?


Also, a lot of us in the Forum post daily food logs.  This helps in so many ways.  1) to keep us honest and 2) if we are not eating enough or leaving an important ingredient out someone will catch it and point it out.


GOOD LUCK and keep us posted.  You will be so happy with yourself and the results.

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