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JenX-Whole 30 #3 - Oct 1 start date


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I'm starting back up with the Oct 1 group and doing it with a friend (a 1st timer). I'm also competing in the BBC at work as added incentive to drop some BF%


So, things to concentrate on this time...


  • Portion control: try to stick to lower end of template*.
  • Really watch fats and keep those to lower end of template*.
  • 1 fist-sized serving of carby-veggies/day (no including post-workout).
  • Be sure to use Pre- & Post-WO meals
  • eat more fish!! shoot for 2x a week (2 meals minimum).

*obviously if meals don't hold me 4-5 hrs, adjust accordingly


Stick with my Spin classes (3-4/week), and circuit training M & W.  I could also add some additional weight time on Fridays after morning spin. Hopefully I'll be able to start running again beginning of November so I can cut back spin and add that in at that time.


Okay, it's a plan!  Did a bunch of cooking this weekend: Meat sauce, spaghetti squash, chicken, mayo, butternut squash, and a new compliant egg casserole (bye-bye noncompliant breakfast sausage!). I also dropped the potatoes from that casserole so I can be a bit more precise on my carbs.  I think I'm ready. Now I just need this friend to put her mind to this - I have concerns she'll quit...or not even start so we'll see.  I can't control others, only myself.

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