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This is an AMAZING website.


I'm certainly thrilled to have found it and have read through the book It Starts With Food. I've recommended both to coworkers and family members. Those that have found the book and website helpful have also shared their findings with others. So I guess you could say...We like it! We really like it!


My problem with Whole30 is me. I get in the way of myself. This is my 2nd whole30, and I'm determined to work through the framework and find a way to get out of the way of myself and see me for who I truly am. (There's just too many pronouns for that last sentence, but it's what's rolling around in my head. Whether it makes sense to anyone else but me...)


I'm working on taking one day at a time. But in all honesty, there have been days that it's one hour at a time. I've literally reached my hand inside of a bag of chips or the snack jar when I've been angry or just frustrated---and my hand stops. I retract it. Breath. And tell myself "It's not worth it." And walk away. I'm working on walking away from the bags and jars before my hand gets near. I'm working on making sure I have a plan ahead of time for holidays and social events. I'm working on me. 



Looking back over the past 10 days...



Day 1 through 3 were....basic on feeling and getting the swing of things with following Whole30.  


Day 4 through 5 added....sleeping soundly at night, gas and lots of gas, 


Day 6 through 10 came with...no more bloating, sleeping through the night, not as much gas, drinking more water, having more energy to do my job AND walk 2 miles each day, AND still have afternoon energy.


I miss weighing. I was addicted to weighing. I WAS a slave to the scale. 


I wish my husband was following me on this one. He gave up. I didn't. He still supports me. 


I cook meals according to what I'm choosing to eat for 30 days. Everyone else is fixing additions to the meals---and eating more of mine. 


I'm having to fight off the pesky family for the fresh fruit and vegetables, along with their my favorite fried sweet potatoes. I make a LARGE batch of fried (with bacon or sausage) sweet potatoes or baked sliced sweet potatoes in EVOO on Sunday and they're gone by Wednesday. 


I haven't taking any body measurements, but my pants fit looser and for now, I'm good with that.  Well, I'm good until Day 31. Because I'm going a full 30 days before I weigh. 



Cheers to the next day...or next hour. :)

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Hello, Sunday, Day 11,


"The coffee pot does not count as 'one' cup."---- It Starts With Food. 


I'm cutting back on coffee. No, really, I am. 



M1 Fried sweet potato, 1 grilled hamburger----because breakfast isn't what it use to be!, 1 cup of black coffee---with breakfast, because I'm cutting back and rereading It Starts With Food; especially the part where they talk about if you must drink coffee, drink it with a meal and not without. 


M2 Same as M1 but with romaine lettuce and mini garlic/dill pickles and mayo; and 1/2 cup of black coffee---I did mention it was a repeat of M1, right?


M3 Grilled chicken, canned spinach and Italian cut green beans, grilled pineapple---the other 1/2 cup of coffee. I did mention I was cutting back right? Normally i'd drink 2 cups of coffee.


Exercise: 1 mile walking.


I just finished reading a story about a woman who weighed close to 250 pounds at 5 foot 3 inches tall and addicted emotionally and physically to foods since she was 5 years old,  and found her mom dead in their family home. She died from a heart attack, brought on by obesity, weighing nearly 350 pounds. It took 5 paramedics to carry the mother out on a stretcher. The daughter took fear, hate, embarrassment, and frustrations onto a difficult journey of finding the skinny girl within---and along the way she found the athlete that was actually within her; not necessarily the "skinny girl". She lost 40 pounds on her own before she went to a gym and found a trainer to help her the rest of the way.    ~I cried and acknowledged my own addictions during this story. 


Goal: To find my inner athlete within me. 


It starts with food...but it starts with getting off the sofa, out of bed, away from the TV. Netflix will be there. And if it's not, it's okay. We'll all be okay.

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