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Starting November 1st Ready to lose some stubborn weight


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Hello Everyone


I will be 45 years old on Friday. I have a beautiful three year old, and haven't lost the 25 pounds I gained since he was born.


I LOVE FOOD.  My husband introduced me to a Paleo diet many years ago, which is how I lost 20 pounds before my wedding.  

I am at 165 at the moment (lost 5 pounds a few weeks ago, and have been able to maintain it).  I love cheese, love creamy sweet coffee, love pizza and french fries, but, also love salads, fruits and healthy fish and chicken.  I have been having wine on the weekends, to "relax", and am looking forward to stopping that too.


I am excited, anxious, scared and looking forward to doing this!  


As an aside, we have been trying for a second child for some time. Although my time is running out, it would be a wonderful bonus to lose some weight and have another baby.  I will accept whatever is in my cards though.




OOPS! I meant November 1st not November 30th

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