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Starting today - doing a Whole 29 to Nov. 25. Join me?


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So a few days ago I started a topic, Starting Wednesday, Oct 28 thinking it would be 30 days to Nov. 25.

However, counting the days actually equals a Whole 29 from Oct 28 to Nov 25. I am NOT planning on going through Thanksgiving with Whole 30 restrictions. . 




I know moderators will say it's good to do a clean reintro, which I will do after TG day. I plan on eating consciously on TG day without going hog wild and then doing a Whole 5 and then reintro. I've done a W30 a few times and am both clear on my sensitive foods and healthier in general - so I can eat what I would not tolerate before. Most of this is due to sticking with a low SCD/paleo diet as well as doing threeish Whole 30s at the beginning of the year. 


I want to stick with this through Nov. 25, stay away from candy and alcohol through Halloween, and if anyone is willing to do this with me I'd love the support and comraderie.


This morning I had a salad with arugula, bacon, macadamia nuts, carrot, hb egg and oo/lemon dressing. 


Rest of the day I plan on having chicken salad in romaine lettuce for lunch and sausage/broccoli/squash hash for dinner. 



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I'm in!  hahaha you should've seen my mother when I suggested staying on the W30 through T-Day!  lol  She obviously ended up being fine with whatever I need to do - and would champion me through it - but her first reaction was typical and priceless!  ;)


I was already on the fence about how to proceed, but that did sway me even though she is ultimately supportive whatever I do.     


So, after deliberation and basically ending up needing a Whole30 lifestyle ASAP, I decided to live the W30 for the next 29 days and as much as possible through the end of the year and then do an authentic W30 with re-intro after the holidays are over.  This is my first one.  I have issues with food.  And I'm tired of being sick and not living my life.  


But I'm also in a place where 2 days without vices and going strong is a huge thing for me.  I went out of town yesterday and didn't drink a coke! (even while stressed out!)  I was floored by how many food associations like that I've already encountered in the just 48 hours.  




Your plan sounds good too.


Meal 1: I had squash and apples with pork chop 

Meal 2: was meat sauce with tons of veggies over zoodles

(had to have a pumpkin larabar because meal 2 was delayed)


Actually meal one was delayed too, so only had 2 meals today. 

And a cup of bone broth and lots of water





Day 3 meal plan: (Friday)

Meal 1: zucchini and onions and sausage

Meal 2: crack slaw

Meal 3: Thai Turkey wraps

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