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  1. Hey All I went ahead and started a new W30 thread starting June 1. Anyone want to join? xoxb Edit: @marianned, @jmcbn, @sooladybug, @harpchick, @Mevans, @Nana Valente, @Strictlyspeaking, @Miranda E, @SallyAnnG, @ShannonM816 @SugarcubeOD
  2. Hello All! Just back from Europe after doing a W30 with the Time to Shine thread, which was such an awesome group of peeps I'm hoping some of you will want to join me for another W30 starting June 1. And of course anyone else who wants to join as well. In Europe I was able to handle bread and even beer because of W30, and general conscious eating I've been doing. I did stay mindful throughout trip (it was four weeks! Big Deal for me) and took a couple-three days a week with no bread/alcohol/sugar. Did eat yogurt quite a bit and surprisingly my gut was ok with it! I've stayed away from yogurt for so long, think that my gut has done some actual healing!! Woohoo! I did bring my Vits with me - esp. the L-glutamine (SO good for the gut) and a travel probiotic that really rocks (don't have to refrigerate). Ready to get back onto another W30 reset! Woohoo!
  3. March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Helloooo Everyone ! Dunno if you're still on this thread but I wanted to leave one last message here and say this wonderful forum really helped set me up for a awesometime in Europe! I'm back and ready to start another W30 on June 1. I'll either start a new thread about that or join one if someone else has already started a June 1 thread. Europe was a blast and this time around, I probably gained some weight (no weighing though - just can tell) and came home with some plantar fasciitis issue after so much walking around. But I feel so much better in general - even with the weight gain. I just feel ok about it. Just get back on track and know that I'm not really far off from what I envision. I'm ready to be consistent with my practice, both nutritionally and in work outs. I do feel a bit stronger in the legs for sure and see more definition in my calves from so much walking around - but didn't do half as much yoga as I wanted. And after the plantar fascitis kicked in, I had to watch it with the walking the last week of trip. I've got the foot issue under care now and will be back to normal in no time. It's nice to have the time to take it easy, do laundry, cuddle with kitty and a good book, etc. Feeling very grateful. I'll let you know where I'm going to be, if anyone wants to join. OR if you've joined a starting June 1 thread, let me know! Hope you're all doing well and really good to hear about all the positive results from this W30! xoxob
  4. March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Hi @jmcbn in what part of Ireland do you live? If you already said I missed it sorry. I'm in Donegal city and the bus did drive through north Ireland. Is that where you live? Will be here for about eight days and then I'm going back to Dublin for a couple days before going on to Scotland and U.K. Today I plan on being fully compliant. So far so good. Definitely will try some mussels and oysters and fish! Woo hoo!
  5. March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Hey all! I am in Dublin! Woo hoo! I have been wandering around all day to stay awake. It's working-and right now I'm back in my room resting my feet and then I'll be going back out for dinner soon. I have to say I broke my whole 30 - but I'm right back on track to stay mindful for the rest of the week. And my break was small but it was a break and I just realized I just can't do this for another week here in Europe. That said I did have half a bagel and a couple bites of yogurt and some cheese. It was a free breakfast offered on the plane after a long flight of no sleep. But I will say that once we arrived and I found my hostel and got settled in, I went for a long walk and found a really cool breakfast café and had a fully compliant full breakfast. It was three eggs omelette with bacon and avocado and a side salad no toast and some fruit and green tea. I haven't had any food since late this morning . Just been walking off that omelette. So even though I'm not doing the full whole 30 I did a whole 24 instead. And if it's OK I'd still like to report back here for the rest of the week if I can find Wi-Fi. I'll be in Donegal on a little retreat with some friends and we won't have Internet access for a few days. But I think this whole 30 goes into next week and I'm sure I'll be able to get some access before it's over. I want to get right back on the bandwagon and stay as compliant as possible because my tummy is very happy with me right now. And when I get back from vacation I'm going to do another whole 30 around mid May. Not sure what day to start on yet because I might be extending my vacation for four days. I'll know more after tomorrow about that. Marianne will be hopefully doing it with me. Anyone else wants to join in again let's do it! @harpchick i'm sorry to hear your gut is bugging you. It could very well be the raw food. I know my gut at first didn't like salads for a long time and it sucked. Now it seems to be fine with salads. I had SIBO before and that affected my digestion pretty badly. Like @Strictlyspeaking I follow the low FODMAP diet pretty much. And I am careful with the raw food but I can eat more of it now and also the sparkling water. Have to watch that. Are you drinking enough water water? That's a biggie. And also probiotics really help. And lemon water too. @Miranda E that is so wise about feeling the feelings as they come up without having to understand them. Yes this is a time to see how we avoid our feelings with food. And other substances as well. Sometimes when our livers are detoxing it can cause frustration and anger to crop up as well. It can be very physical as well as mental emotional and it's all connected anyway right? OK I'm gonna go out and walk around a little more before coming back and hopefully getting a good nights sleep. Going to have a compliant mostly dinner. no alcohol for sure. I intend to be compliant most of the time . xob
  6. March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Thank you, @SugarcubeOD !! I was thinking of doing another W30 after Europe - just hop right back on the band wagon on May 15. Then I could do a 'proper' reintro in mid June and enjoy the summer. Also, it's going to be veryyyy difficult to not overindulge at times with all the different European cuisines and treats - but I do have resolve to be mindful. Beeeee mindfuuuul. So Thanks again - methinks I'll just commit to doing a reset when I get back. That said, do you think it needs to be another W30? Am thinking of doing something like a W10 or W15........
  7. March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Hi All Sorry I fell off the radar for a couple days. Easter weekend was tough - I actually felt sick on Saturday but snapped back on Sunday and was soooo tempted again to have just one cracker. But no I didn't do it. Wow @SallyAnnG good for you for staying awayyy from the candy/treat prizes. Kinda goes to show how much junk food plays a part in our daily lives huh? @Strictlyspeaking good to hear about the energy! This W30 is a reset button for me ... it's funny how we humans have to keep being reminded again and again until it sinks in! I feel so much better!! @Mevans that would be the worst having to hang around peeps who are snacking and drinking champagne, both of which I LOVE. I was going to do just a W27 this time around because I'm leaving for Europe tomorrow - woohoo! but have decided to stick with the last three days in Dublin because I feel so good! My belly is grateful and thanking me. Reintro in Europe will be tricky. Am thinking of starting with dairy cuz I miss my cheese, then wheat so I can have a croissant, then alcohol (wine only) (well maybe after wine, whiskey cuz there are some great Irish whiskey tastings apparently - but definitely not the recommended whiskey for every meal reintro that W30 suggests ). Happy final week everybody!! I might be incognito after tomorrow but will be thinking about all of you. xoxb
  8. March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Hey All Wow @Miranda E the almond crust looks scrumptious - and I eat tilapia actually cuz it's cheap and you can doctor it up. I'll try it this weekend. Also love idea of almond crusted chicken. Sounds like you're having fun with new recipes and I need some of your inspiration. I actually crave a real Cesar salad with grated cheese and croutons - one of my fave goto salads for lunch. So I'll have to try that Cesar dressing too. OMG @sooladybug what a challenge on Easter to also have a birthday happening! Your boyfriend sounds adorable and awesome. I would love to have a boyfriend to do a W30 with. And what a trooper to agree to do it over his birthday!! Cake will still be there next month - you two will have to go out (once you reintroduce everything) and celebrate. @Strictlyspeaking I so get where you're coming from with the IBS and basically eating healthy but cheating nonetheless. And peanut butter is something I've been reallyyyy missing also. Glad you're here!! So I have to fess up and say I was this close to breaking up with W30 this morning. Like standing-in-line-to-order-a-croissant-breakfast-sandwich close. I was on short a road trip, left yesterday aft. Had myself covered yesterday but coming back early morning today...... well first, I love a treat on morning road trips and second I love me a breakfast sandwich with coffee on morning road trips. I was sleepy, grumpy, hungry and couldn't find any real food because I didn't plan well at all for the trip back. I was at a gas station / snack store / dunkin donuts that sold breakfast sandwiches. I actually had a conversation with you gals in my head while standing in line and that's what kept me from caving. I found myself muttering out loud while stomping to the fridge section for some water -- and LO hidden way back in the corner there were little packets of hard boiled eggs (two in each with salt included) and fruit cups - one with pineapple only. So that's what I bought for breakfast - along with a little bag of almonds, even though I'm not supposed to be eating nuts. And an Americano even though I'm not supposed to be drinking coffee/espresso. I would have felt awful for that 5 minutes of gratification with the sandwich. And although the breakfast wasn't a perfect W30 template, at least it was food compliant. That said, my belly still acted up a bit and I'm thinking it's the coffee because it felt the same as when I decided to stop it altogether last week. Coffee, even decaf, can irritate a gut that is already sensitive to gluten. I'm also thinking it could be the almonds or even the pineapple because it's so sugary. Intuitively, I think the pineapple is ok - it's good for digestion and I've never had a problem with it. I guess this is why we do a reintro right? Nonetheless, I'm back to no coffee or nuts and very little fruit for the rest of the month (and then some). Thanks for keeping me on track, W30 forum friends!!! xoxo
  9. March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Hullo All and YAY halfway mark! WOW @harpchick that instant pot butter chicken looks incredible!! And thanks for the paprika recipe app tip - I'm gonna check that out for sure. Yes, a warm welcome @Nana Valente and glad you're still with it. It's great to get some support on these forums. @Mevans good quest re Easter recipes. It's gonna be tricky what with all the brunchy waffles/French toast out there. I'm making Red Flannel Hash and using some of my bone broth for the beef broth. And here's and old W30 forum all about easter brunch! But best of all, Google found me this. Those cilantro lime deviled eggs look mouth wateringly wonderous. Of course, make y'own mayo. Keep on everyone! Just two more weeks to go
  10. March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    G'morning everyone! It's gonna be a sunny weekend here in PGH and I'm finally going to plant my flowers and herbs! Yay! So weird - yesterday it snowed. Today it's in the 60s, tomorrow in the 70s. Go figure! I've been having cravings again - just missing foods: breadchocolatepizzacroissantwineetc.etc.etc. Yesterday I found myself doing errands and wanting to stop and pick up a freshly made pizza on the way home. Also really craving French fries and even tater tots. Snacky pop in your mouth foods. They're just cravings. No big deal (I tell myself). @harpchick sorry to hear you're feeling funky in the tummy! Sparkling H2O with a little lemon helps me. Actually, lemon water in general helps me - like a small cup of H2O with a couple Tspns lemons juice. Lemon is alkalizing and can help with acidy stomach. Thanks for those awesome mason jar salad pics and recipe. I really like this idea and am going to try it this week. LOVE salads - crisp green crunchy goodness. Also have all this wonderful bone broth and will be doctoring that up with goodies to make a healthy pho. I'll be using shredded zucchini for the noodles. I want this to be easy and so will be prepping ings ahead of time - never done pho like this before with zucchini noddles and pre prepping everything so we'll see how it goes. I'll keep you posted. Also will be trying @Mariannne's green coconut soup at some point. @Mevans what a fantastic idea and pic of kombucha martini!!! Funny how putting something sparkling in a martini glass makes all the dif. Also appreciate @Miranda E's damn fine chicken pic and share. Definitely checking that out. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Onwards!
  11. March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Hey all I too just LOVE this forum, @Mevans. Love reading all your posts and sharing experiences. To quote @Mariannne, I crushed yesterday. And today looks like it'll be another good, energetic and open-hearted day. I'm gonna crush it! Seems I'm over the hump. That was last weekend. Thank Goddess - sometimes it seems like that cloud is so thick, it'll never dissipate. But I knew it would. And it did! I took care of myself on the worst days, drinking lots of tea and water, sleeping, reading/netflixing, gentle yoga, deep breaths epsom baths. Still doing all of that actually but just not as much sleeping and reading/netflixing. Fortunately my worst days also happened on the weekend. So hang in there @egmartin171 and @ncoughlin! You're not alone.. Be gentle with yourselves and just let the day pass. It's just a day. Tomorrow might be the same but it's just a day. It'll pass and you'll feel better for it. Also, the timeline does say that the pants may be tighter but I put on my fave jeans today (this time last month I could not sit in them without the front button digging into my lower belly) and LO they fit beautifully! I have been working out and the W30 is helping my bloaty belly shrink. I can see and feel it's smaller. Also butt and thighs look more slender and feel stronger. Those lunges are getting easier. It does work - just keep on one day at a time. Diligence. Now let's go out and have a double chocolate chocolate ice cream cone! Yuck - to tell you the truth that does not sound at all yummy - funny to think just a few weeks ago I would've been all over that. Welcome @SallyAnnG! Glad to hear you're looking at diet for your PMR. Have you thought about getting a second /third opinion re diet and arthritis? In my personal experience, diet DOES help. In fact, it's a huge huge help. Maybe an MD who is working with a naturopath or is nutritionally aware..... There's a really good book out there called The Paleo Approach Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD. It's pretty scientific, some of it's over my head but most of it I get. It talks about lifestyle factors that contribute to autoimmune diseases and how to implement a paleo diet, including budgeting and even exercise. It's avail in the library - kind of expensive but after I checked it out, I bought it. W30 also is wonderful for autoimmune health - I do the W30 because it's so straight forward and disciplined. Not sure if just a week of W30 is long enough. You very likely might go through feeling like crap for the first week or so anyhow - but id does get better. When I first started W30 back in 2015, I was dealing with a couple health issues and incorporated the SCD diet in with W30, which wasn't hard really. I just couldn't eat yummy things like sweet potato and avocado - but now I can! Just have to stay conscious about it. Have a wonderful day everyone! Feels so good to be sitting at my desk in my fave jeans and be comfortable. Yay! xob
  12. March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Hi all - I'm feeling better and better each day. My energy took a real dip last week and then I overdid it in a Friday night workout jam and that wiped me out for the whole weekend. Sounds like many of us are acclimating now. @Miranda E that murder mystery sounds like a blast. You did good with the food and mock cocktail! Speaking of, @Mevans that sparkling mock cocktail sounds really interesting and healthy too. I wonder what apple cider vinegar would taste like. I"ll have to try it out, either way. @sooladybug good for you for not breaking into those chocolate chip cookies! That must have been soooo hard. Could be practice in simply enjoying the aroma of baked goods. I too am feeling less the urge to snack and hunger also gone. In fact last night all I had for dinner was a small bowl of bone broth with some kale thrown in. Just didn't feel like eating anything else. There's some fat in the bone broth and that can be satiating. Don't think that's going to last though. I enjoy eating. Think I'm past the boredom now. Also his morning I didn't feel like eating. !! It's like my gut wants a little rest. Just a cup of decaf espresso with a little coconut cream. Didn't even feel like a cup of bb. My first meal today will be lunch of sausage, kale and fried eggs (I'm working from home so can whip it up in a flash). Probably will just have two meals today. Happy week two everyone!
  13. March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Wait! it's day EIGHT! WOOT! @Miranda E I too have been having a little food boredom. But when I eat sautéed kale with a little balsamic I am totally satisfied. So guess it doesn't take much really..... am missing my cheese and cold cuts and pickles. Guess I could have cold cuts and pickle/cuke and hard boiled eggs still right? And olives aren't noncompliant are they? Also missing my home made nut granola. But my stomach is NOT missing nuts so it's just my head and habit. Interesting............
  14. March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    Hey all say seven already! Feeling a little better today. Really getting my new place into shape - I moved two months ago and still organizing, putting things together. I need to get a new couch and haven't had the energy. But think it's gonna happen this week. Finally made my bone broth after saying I would last weekend. It tastes so good - esp. with some kale and salt thrown in. I let it simmer all night - over 8 hours - with lots of ginger and carrots and green onion. So it has a nice warm zip to it. Hope your Monday is going smooth! xob
  15. March 27 start, Time to SHINE!!

    BeaUteeful spread @harpchick! And all wonderful healthy food! That's so great that you called ahead to the culinary school. It shows you can make it work and it's not that hard. Just take a little action. Thank you for the awesome pic - it makes this W30 seem less daunting.... YAY @sooladybugon size 18! Woot! Even fits backwards! You go girl! Wanted to add a comment on @SugarcubeOD's comment on my sweet potato casserole - I meant to remind to keep the vanilla out so Thank You for that. AND be careful when eating cuz it's tasty. Just a fist size - and maybe cooking the sausage separately rather than in the casserole so that you get that protein. Also greens - I always include sautéed greens with the sweet potato casserole. It's very good too. Think I'll make some this week. I'm having a reallyyyyy tired day - but then this whole week has been somewhat of a challenge. Still, I'm not letting it stop me from showing up for the most part. Think that double workout on Friday taxed my muscles a bit and I'm experiencing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), which can include feeling week and tired for a day or two. Gah! It felt good at the time...... I'll just keep on and my body will get used to it. That said, I'm going to avoid two classes in a row until this W30 is over - just keep working out but PACE myself. I made crispy chicken thighs tonight for the next three days lunch or dinner. Also making bone broth, finally after saying I would last weekend. Got a lot done around the house today even though I was draggin' butt. Have salmon out for thawing to make this crispy salmon dish I found online as well. I like crispy skin. Did some gentle yoga at home - about 30 mins this morning and evening. Took a nap, read, watched some Shameless all in all even though I have low energy and have been going in and out of frustration, I'm keeping perspective and it's been a pretty good day. Grok on as Marks Daily Apple like to say.