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November 11th Start Date!


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Ah. So, hello there, first things first I feel I must mention is that I am in college and this is kind of a crazy time to be starting a program like this (in the middle of the semester) but, will there ever really be a "good" time?


I am currently a self-diagnosed sugar addict (honestly, I have a SUPER sweet tooth). It has been controlling my life and I want it to stop so, I am doing a Whole45.


I am starting on November 11th because I have a day off from classes (which I will obviously use to study... and not cook all day...). I chose this date because at least 3 of my first 7 days will be spent at my apartment so, the crazy schedule of classes wont effect me too much. I think that will be one difficult part of this journey is really, REALLY, planning ahead to make sure that I eat at least 3 meals a day because lately I've just been snacking due to my schedule. Crazy thing is, my last day will be on Christmas.


Currently, I am actually really nervous to talk to my mother and see if she can support me in this journey, as she is the one who I got my sweet tooth from (there is always 1-2 candy dishes full in her house). I have said it before, about how I would "diet" and do this or that to lose weight. But, honestly, I am all about the lifestyle change.


I have been suffering from headaches and extreme moodiness for the better part of the past two years of college and would really like to finish off my Senior year, and start the rest of my graduate and working adult life as a happy, confident individual and I totally believe that will change, when I change what I put in my stomach and changing my habits.

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