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Started two weeks ago and loving it


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How I wish I had taken before pictures.  I can't believe how much treating your body right for only two weeks can change everything.  I was starting to schedule doctor appointments because I was feeling so terrible.  (I was starting to worry I had cancer or something.)  I've been successfully losing weight and maintaining since April of 2014, but I realize now I was fueling on sugar throughout the day.  


My husband and I are doing this together and making accommodations for our five kids.  They are eating what we are eating, but they are still eating dairy and healthy grains.  Tonight I am making chili, will split the pot and add beans to theirs because my two year old doesn't like meat, but she loves beans.  Normally, trying to figure out all of these details would make me crazy, but my brain is working so much better that it's not a big deal.  We are both losing weight, feeling so good, and seeing so many benefits. I actually feel confident going into the holiday season that I won't binge on treats.  This is the first Halloween that I haven't been sneaking candy out of my poor children's trick-or-treat bags. LOL

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