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  1. rachelmaria33

    Excited! Starting March 20th

    Awesome Job Rinnestone32! I wish I could say the same. Last day of the trip my hubby picked up some sausage for breakfast, no sugar, yay! Forgot to double check soy. boo! On day 2 of a restart now. Oh well, it is what it is.
  2. regarding the underlined statement.... you need to adjust your thinking right now before it bites you! the 10 days after your whole 30 are for reintroduction. so day 1 of reintroduction, technically day 31 you reintroduce and evaluate dairy. Days 32-33 you go back to whole 30 to let any reactions settle and get yourself set up for the next evaluation. Day 34 you reintroduce and evaluate gluten-containing grains. Days 35-36 back to clean whole 30 eating, Day 37 you reintroduce and evaluate non-gluten grains, days 38-39 whole 30, Day 40 Reintroduce and evaluate legumes..... you really need to think of it as a whole 40! If you don't do the slow reintroduction process you miss out on what the whole 30 was worth. You will feel better in so many ways and then you will eat off plan and feel worse, but you won't know which food it was. I really was sure my problem would be dairy. I was put on goat's milk as a baby because I didn't tolerate cows milk. It made sense in my brain.... but I was wrong! It is so huge to know what bothers me. To know I can occasionally have a bowl of ice cream without big ramification, but that cinnamon roll (gluten containing grains are my problem) is going to really bite. It is easy to swap out my flour tortilla with a corn one to feel better an I don't feel cheated. But I don't have to do lettuce wraps for the rest of my life either! I am guessing the reference to day 31 was more of a joke, but I caution people to count out 40 days all the time, because if you plan all along for 30 days 31-40 are so very hard. I have seen too many people fail at that point, and that stinks!
  3. If you end up deciding that olive oils isn't working for you switch to coconut oil!
  4. rachelmaria33

    Excited! Starting March 20th

    @Brooke1979 I have twins too! They are 15 though But yes, so good to see the impact on our families as we clean up what we bring into the house! Huge benefits to all, even if you don't put your family on a whole 30 (I didn't) they still benefit from the better options!
  5. rachelmaria33

    Excited! Starting March 20th

    @Rinnestone32 Knowing you were also going through this over this next weekend was a huge help. It's so much easier when we have accountability! I have a lot of the same things in mind that you are packing, with the addition of baked sweet potatoes. I don't mind them cold and they will help so much with ready to eat breakfast. I knew I could do it, I just didn't know if I had it in me. I know now and feel so pleased! Best of luck to you on your trip. May you come home with tons of yummy healthy fish!
  6. rachelmaria33

    Excited! Starting March 20th

    I am heading out on a family trip tomorrow. In mentally processing what I was needing to do to be ready to go food-wise this last night and this morning I almost threw in the towel. No, not so I could go sugar crazy, but so that packing would be easier. I know gluten bothers me from my first whole 30, but I was thinking, rice cakes with cream cheese and deli meat that isn't compliant and peanut butter on rice cakes is so easy and... and... and... Day 4. Need to stay strong. I don't feel ready to kill all things, but I definitely don't feel 100% committed. Or I didn't. Now that I made the decision and am working on a sustainable list I do. It's amazing how just considering it an option, to just do ok while gone and really commit when we get back, that pondering makes it so much easier to fail! I literally almost ate a non compliant breakfast at home today because tomorrow might be hard? Once I said "no" it really wasn't that hard. Make a list. Figure it out. Make it work. Has anyone else had any personal struggles, victories, and discoveries yet?
  7. post a menu? helps to know what you are eating
  8. One of the suggestions in the book or on the site somewhere said that you need to write out 3 quick meals that you basically always have supplies for on hand and post them on your fridge. This is a huge deal if you don't meal prep! You have to know what to make, an what you can make quick or you will really struggle to stay on plan. I always make enough at dinner for lunch the next day. That is my most beneficial strategy because I make breakfast, pack lunch and prep dinner between 6-7 am and while I have a master list for meals for each 2 week period (we shop every 2 weeks) I need breakfast and lunch to be effortless!
  9. Workouts may stink for a while! When I did my first who 30 I was training for a 1/2 marathon and it just about killed me until I really took to heart the suggestion to add more starchy veggies to my meals. Hello hashbrowns in clarified butter and baked sweet potatoes! HUGE difference.
  10. rachelmaria33

    Excited! Starting March 20th

    Oh, and yesterday food: Breakfast: "egg roll in a bowl" Basically ground turkey, cabbages and carrots shredded and cooked with sesame oil, garlic, ginger, onion powder and salt. Lunch: Left over chicken fajita meat and peppers on a salad, some unsweetened shredded coconut and a granny smith Dinner: ground turkey and shredded carrot sautéed in some tomato paste and water on top of a baked sweet potato with 1/2 avocado March 22nd's plan Breakfast: 3 fried eggs, hashbrowns in clarified butter and 1 clementine orange Lunch: spinach and mixed lettuce salad with left over chicken fajita meat, 1/2 sweet potato, 1/2 avocado and 1 granny smith Dinner: Taco salad with olives and a walnut and raisin blend on the side.
  11. rachelmaria33

    Excited! Starting March 20th

    Nedster7, frozen veggies any cheaper? They are a lifesaver around here. Not as good as fresh, but with 2 teens and 1 preteen in the house, even not on whole 30, but eating cleaner all the time it can be really hard to keep enough veggies on hand. We also crunch down on canned pepperoncini's and dill pickles for extra flavor and gap-filling that is not loaded with junk. This way of eating is certainly more expensive. I try to balance out the "best" for example sweet potatoes, with the "acceptable", the white or red potato. Some things I will use a little of both. I make a bean-less chili that has 1 chopped sweet potato in it, and several chopped white or red. Hope you can find some good ways to make it all work. This 30 days + reintroduction is a game changer for the rest of your life. Some things you will be able to go back to eating, and may need to for financial reasons, but knowing what things ARE ok to add back in for you personally, and what things will cause the big bad reactions is so worth battling through and doing what you have to do to get to the end!
  12. rachelmaria33

    Excited! Starting March 20th

    I don't know who you are going with and how much support they may or may not be, but one thing I definitely learned the first time around was to talk about it in a positive light, and really put the emphasis on what you are trying to overcome. For example I said "I've really been struggling with headaches and the start of arthritis pains. I am doing an elimination diet to try and find out what foods may be causing this so that I don't just have to rely on medication." When there was a good reason and hope of answers behind my eating changes I got backing from people who I really didn't expect to support me. I kept it simple, and brief unless a person asked more than that, but it was so much deeper than "losing weight" or "getting healthy" in their minds. Hope that helps! and KUDOS to you for not just restarting after! I have a spring break trip planned with all the family this next weekend too, but I decided I had had enough "last weekends" and "last events" and I wasn't going to keep waiting and eating one last....
  13. rachelmaria33

    Excited! Starting March 20th

    The the WHY is so so important, isn't it!
  14. rachelmaria33

    March 20, 2017 Start Date

    This is my second round of whole 30. I completed one two summers ago including the reintroduction phase. (I have also started a few others that I didn't finish - not this time!) I have kept some of the adjustments I initially made, but poor choices have slowly crept back in to a point where I need to get a fresh start. Also I just discovered that there is now a second book and I'm re-reading the first and excited to see what other advice and encouragement there is for the "after" !! Day 1 was good. It was my hubby's birthday and they all had strawberry shortcake, but because I established before hand my "why I am doing this" it wasn't a matter of being strong enough, or awesome enough, it was just a matter of reminding myself of my goals. Any of you who haven't read the book I highly encourage it! Chapter one, second sentence (after a testimonial) "The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. Those are your options." Seriously. pause and reflect on that! It's true, and it's profound and simple all at the same time. What is your why? Having a "why I am doing this" handy will be a game changer folks, cause it IS going to get hard, it IS going to get rough. It IS going to change your life - and that is beautiful! Also, new discovery "sheet pan chicken fajitas" So simple, so easy, so perfect! Recipes all over pinterest and probably a million other places. I used a recipe for sheet pan shrimp fajitas, but decided at the last minute to swap to chicken. Basically, chicken cut into fajita strips sprinkled with approved spices blended before hand. Then 4 multi-colored peppers sliced thin and one red onion sliced thin -also sprinkled with the seasoning blend. Baked at 450 for 8 minutes and then broiled for 6. Recipe said 2, but I felt like some of the chicken needed just a touch more. I served mine on a salad with a touch of extra virgin olive oil. So delicious. Packed the left overs for work today. Family had theirs in tortillas. Everyone was happy! Will definitely make again.
  15. Thanks! long-standing misconception I'm afraid. I kept reading about people doing dates all the time and figured a banana was just as good. oops! Would you say it is better to run in a fasting state or with protein and fat though? I see some advice for both. does it depend on the duration? Right now I run between 3-7 miles at a time, taking up to 75 minutes, running mostly in the late afternoon and following my run with a regular meal. Later this summer I will work up to half marathon running several long runs in the 2 hour range. Those are the ones I used the banana and nut butter for last summer, running first thing in the morning, drinking water. I know some of it is experimentation, but I am reading that one lady in particular had a lot of success at this duration running in a fasting state, drinking coconut water on the long runs. Is a fasting state better, but the protein and fat the recommended fuel IF you need something, or is it better to do protein and fat regardless for longer duration?