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Beth's Whole30


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I started my Whole30 on Monday, November 2nd.   Today is Day 7 and I am doing really well with this.  I am both surprised and proud.  I am coming to Whole30 as a girl who really did not cook much. I am terrible at sticking with eating plans and have a horrible relationship with food. Stress eater - check. Emotional eater - check. Eat cake because it is in the office - check.  The pathways in my brain have been rewired for sugar for sure. Somehow, I am always planning to start the next diet cycle tomorrow. 


I have some health issues that I am hoping to get in check with this. I have battled depression. I have problems with the entire right side of my body. Not sure what exactly. Nerve and tendon issues. Problems with numbness. Chronic pain. The right side of my body never feels like the left side - even when it is not painful.  The other issue is hormone imbalance.  I have some crazy hormone problems. About three years ago it hit hard and I was a loony toon. Crying all the time for no reason and in random places. Hello birth control - it helped. This year I stopped the birth control and wow, I feel like a woman again. I feel human again. I think that stuff had me in a fog for three years.  I won't go back on the birth control but I also don't want to become a crying loon again. I do have some weight to lose as well and though this isn't a diet, losing weight is important to me. 


Enter Whole30. I read the book and cleaned out the kitchen and made the decision to start all in one weekend.  Whole30 is my attempt to help my body heal itself. I think some of my physical pain may be out of the league of healing with food, but I don't have a diagnosis so who knows. It is an attempt at helping my mind get healthy and form a healthy relationship with food. It is an attempt at breaking the shitty cycle I have been living in with food for so long. 


Some things I have been eating:

Chicken sweet potato hash (From Whole30 book)

Home made guacamole

Home made ranch dressing

Home made mayo (made but not used yet)

Eggs (various ways)



Sweet potato



Bell Peppers


Cracklin' Chicken (Nom Nom Paleo)

Roasted Cauliflower



Hot and iced tea


Today I had cage free eggs - Yummy! I think they actually tasted different than regular eggs.  

I also made taco salad with grass-fed ground beef. 


I am not trying to be perfectly organic right now, but I think I would like to start incorporating that as I progress. Just trying for compliant. I  eat apples or grapes without fat or protein.... I don't eat nut butters and the apple itself is filling. It looks like that is not quite part of the template from the stuff I read online, but I am not 100% sure so I have some learning to do still.


I have not had much trouble with cravings (lucky me!). I am not sure how I have managed to not feel crazy cravings.  Maybe that is yet to come.  I did get pretty cranky during the week and was super tired today. Even after sleeping all night I took an hour nap this afternoon. 


So that is week one. No cheats. Just good food. I am feeling pretty good about this!!  




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