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Day 5 enlightenment and great food.


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Today is day five. My energy came back. I knew once my sugar burning for fuel body would eventually learn how to use fat for energy. Lucky Day. Im also amazed at my creativity in meal planning. I'm making some great dishes. My best was coconut shrimp dipped in almond meal and shredded coconut. First I dipped the shrimp in egg whites, then the coating, then popped them in a 400 degree oven for 10 minutes. This was sided by baby broccoli sauteed in garlic slices and some Whole30 approved chicken broth. whenever im making my meals that dont have fat I place a handful of olives in a bowl as an accompanyment.. Im hoping a mouthful of coconut would be fine also for a healthy fat. Next surprise was the chicken meatballs (ground organic chicken,garlic,onion, and an egg baked in oven till done then added to tomato sauce from a can of approved plum tomatoes cooked with basil. oregano, pepper and add the end added previously roasted zucchini, sliced, olive oil and red pepper flakesn 425 degree oven till done, about 20 minutes turning once.

chicken kabobs, grilled steak, and asparagus! im having fun with this.

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