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Whole30 Pt 2


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HI all - So I've done one complete whole 30- all of July and rocked it. I was so determined and on track and really enjoyed the process. My main reason for doing this was to battle sugar daemons as I have found that often times once I start, I can't stop eating sugar. I argue with myself (and lose repeatedly) when it comes to eating things I know are bad for me!

After completing our Whole30 - my boyfriend tried to stay 90% on track, with only a couple minor "social" off plan things but otherwise staying on plan for ourselves and cooking at the house. However, by the end of august and into the start of September this quickly went the other direction with some weekend long cabin trips and otherwise where we deviated greatly.

We have set ourselves mostly back on track as of this week, and I am working on starting a new whole30, to reset and just get back on track. However, this time I'm finding it extraordinarily difficult! My will power seems to be gone, my appetite is out of control and I can't seem to stick to what I know I want to be doing. The other issue is my digestive system… something is out of sync. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat – I have terrible bloating, gas, and cramping by mid-afternoon/evening every day. It dissipates after using the rest room in the morning, but is back by the afternoon. I honestly do not know what to attribute this too – has anyone else experienced this after going off plan, trying to come back on, and kind of yo-yoing in between?

I do know that some of the appetite and digestive issues were due to me completing my first 100 mile ultra-trail race – this takes a toll on your body and digestion. But it has been about 9 days since I completed that… things should be getting better!!

Any suggestions!!?! I could really use some motivation and maybe bland whole30 diet suggestions to get me back on track!

Thanks all who made it through this post ha!

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First off,I am with you.I also completed 38 days and then went off like a rocket.I am now trying for the 3rd time this week to get myself back on track.

Today was day 1 and although I still have dinner to get through,I am feeling better than the last few days.I did Monday 100% and then fell off Tuesday and now I am back on for Wednesday..I found today that getting out and being distracted was a great help.

I keep reading others says they go out and do some sort of sport activity and that really helps.

I have also found that when I eat higher protein and fat in the first few days it helps greatly with any cravings.

I'm not sure what to say about the digestion other than maybe you are fighting off some sort of a bug.

Hope you get through the next 30 days.I am super surprised how much more difficult this was..I have only been off the plan for 9 days since my first whole 30..remember how great you were feeling,you will feel that way again very soon.

Good luck!

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