Starting over..again Dec. 15, 2015


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Ate plantain chips last night. Think I need to cut back on those. Finished art project. Meh. But I have an idea for the next one, so its OK if its not perfect.

Day 22 (3 of Jan start):

Meal 1: fish patty, cooked baby spinach, cuke sticks, dandelion- peppermint tea,s&s cabbage

Meal 2: pureed zucchini- cauliflower soup,chicken livers, sweet potato chips

Meal 3: maybe egg too young with beef and salad?

Maybe go to Relax and Renew yoga this p.m.

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Day 22 update: egg foo young without any meat, fish patty, salad greens w avocado,cukes and evoo, lemon dressing, leftover broccoli

R & R yoga, banana, clementine, tiny piece of lamb leftover

have not walked outside this week due to extreme cold

Day 23 (jan start 4): realized I have not had any coffee for a few days. I could sure use some caffeine today! I think I can rest a bit today, though.

Tired and a bit sore today. I think I will take a midday yoga class and a hot bath, and take it easy. I think I didnt sleep well - its hard to know sometimes.

Nettles-peppermint tea.

Meal 1: pureed zuc-cauli-carrot soup ( made w/ bone broth) w/ leftover beef and purple sweets tossed in. Nice and hot and filling! 

managed a short walk to do some errands. feeling a bit better, Got Stuff Done, I think I will do yoga tomorrow a.m. Time to do Household tasks I have put off.. 

Meal 2: egg foo young cakes, I love these! protein, fat and veggies in one patty! I got some good coffee while I was out, half decaf, half regular. added coc cream at home

Meal 3: probably leftover beef and purple sweets, asparagus

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Can't recall much of Thursday meals. I thought I posted this, but I guess not...

Day 24: fish patty, I guess some veggies

Walked 1 mile, class, walked 1 mi

Meal 2: beef, kraut, I think

Meal 3: beef, chicken, some veggies?

Day 25: walk to yoga, walk home. can't recall much, over the day I had various things like maybe fish patties, coffee w coc cream, plantain chips, roasted cauliflowe, green beans w sauteed onions and mushrooms, chicken soup, beef stew, purple sweets, dates, pecans, banana, grape juice,beef, chicken

Day 26: beef stew(very soupy), chicken legs, greenbeans, roasted cauliflower, grape j, coffee w coc cream, pecans dates, banana

Day 27: meal 1:smoked white fish, mixed greens w avocado, lemon juice, evoo

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Day 27: so, in general I think I did pretty good. A few things could have been better. As I flow into the next few weeks (following Jan. Whole30) I can try to improve those rough spots. Problem is,I will be traveling again in two weeks, so my last week may be a bit rough. Maybe with the right planning I can get through.

Meal 2: chicken soup w carrots and celery, small chunk of purple sweet, beef

Coffee w coc cream,gel, yoga at home.

2 clementines

Meal 3: chicekn legs and thighs,roasted cauliflower, green beans w mushrooms and onions

Plantain chips, pecans, raisins and coconut flakes

So tired.

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Slept about 10 hours. Guess I needed it!

Day 28:( woot!!) Nettle- peppermint tea,mixed greens w evoo,lime juice, fish patty,clementine

Walk .5 mi, help clean at yoga, walk

Coffee w coc cream and gel

Meal 2: pureed veg soup w baby kale, purple sweet potato, roast beef

Nibbled on roasted brussel sprouts, raw carrots while cooking :)

Snack: chicken leg, more veggies, hot carob w coc cream

Walk to Post office(1.5 mi round trip, about)

Meal 3: planning on leftover chicken, removed from bones(broth cooking now!),chicken soup, stir fried onions, celery, carrots, garlic and fresh ginger w coc aminos and toasted sesame oil, last purple sweet

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Day 28: didn't have the sweet potato for dinner. Added purple cabbage to stir fry.

Day 29(!!!): nettle- peppermint tea, roasted brussel sprouts, chicken legs

Meal 2: leftover chicken veggie stir fry, purple sweet, chicken gizzards,coffee w coc. cream

The gizzard cooking liquid was nicely gelled in the fridge. Cool!

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Day 29: snack : banana and clementine

decaf w/coc cream

Meal 3: roast beef, roasted cauliflower, green beans w mushrooms n onions

Feeling pretty good, so glad I am still going after tomorrow! I will continue on w the Jan group.

maybe I will go to R & R yoga tonight.  did not walk today - tired and cold. But got a lot done.

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Day 29: last night walked to yoga, so I would not have to drive in snow.  It felt good to walk, actually.

snack after yoga:  more beef and veggies, and sweet potato chips, peppermint tea.


Day 30!!!! Woot! I am glad that I decided to keep going, as I am having ups and downs with feeling good and not so good. Fortunately, the good is outnumbering the less good. I feel like I am thinner, and my belly is flatter. Joints not stiff and sore all day, just a bit in the morning. No pain meds needed so that is REALLY good. So far today is good.

Meal 1: almost put off eating since I couldn't think of what I am in the mood for. But I nibbled some roasted brussel sprouts and that woke up my taste buds.

So, Leftover roast beef, brussel sprouts, 1/2 avocado w/fresh lime juice squeezed over all veg. Nettles-peppermint tea. Coffee w coc cream, banana w sunbutter. Pretty good meal!

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Meal 3: ate late, after art class. Gizzards in broth, kraut, sweet potato chips

Day 31:

Meal 1: smoked white fish, kraut, sweet potato kugel, gingered zucchini soup, coffee w coc cream, tea

I'm thinking eggs may not be my friend. Feeling a little sore this morning. Didn't go to yoga yesterday or today. Supposed to go w some friends to lunch. Steak and veggies for Meal 2 I guess! I think I will walk indoors at the mall, since I need to go to the art store anyway. Maybe a little yoga at home later....?

Meal 3: whatever needs to finishing before I start the big cookup tonight. Maybe kale, roasted cumin carrots, beef and chicken legs. Sounds good already.

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Before lunch I ate a banana and clementine.

So, for mealn2 I ended up having broiled salmon and sauteed veggies, water w lemon

I ate a Larabar, cherry pie flavor. It was sweet.

Meal 3: zucchini- ginger soup,roast beef,sauteed kale and onions, cooked carrots and a small chunk of sweet potato.

Ended up walking for about 20 mins outside, not including errands.

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Day 32: eggs w sauteed mushrooms, nettle- peppermint tea

Walk to and from yoga. Smoked fish, small bit, decaf w coc cream. Need to wean off caffeine.

Meal 2: chicken legs, mixed greens, avocado, evoo, cukes

Snacking while prepping for dinner: chicken leg, beef marrow, small bit of chicken soup, small bit of sweet potato

Meal 3: chicken soup,sauteed kale and onions, beef, sweet potato and carrots cooked w beef, grape juice(1\4 cup)

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Day 34: smoked white fish, sauteed kale,nettle- peppermint t,

Walk, yoga, walk

Eggs,kale, hot carob w cinnamon and coc cream


Pink grapefruit and chopped liver, decaf w coc milk

Meal 3: steak Cooke din grill pan, cabbage salad w scallions, carrots and sweet potato that were cooked w beef,avocado w fresh lemon juice and evoo

Painted an acrylic still life today!

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Day 35!? Yesterday I really wanted maple syrup. REAL maple syrup. On anything! Did not have any, but it was an odd craving.

Meal 1: leftover steak,slaw and avocado, nettle- peppermint t

Shoveled snow, walked, worked at yoga studio, walked home

Meal 2: decaf w coc cream, chicken legs, cumin roasted carrots

Plan today to clean one room, start one art project, go to bed early

Snack: banana and sunbutter

Meal 3:chicken soup made w bone broth,carrots, celery,onions. Chunks of chicken, slaw

Cukes, avocado, lemon juice, evoo,baby carrots

Started cleaning a few areas. Art project started. New curtains started.

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Day 36:leftovers... Small bit of smoked white fish, slaw, steak and roasted carrots, coffee w coc cream.

Pureed zucchini, cauliflower soup, baked chicken, tapioca " flat bread"(might not be so whole30 but I still have not had any sweetners and I never have msg, caragheenan, or sulfites....)


R and R yoga ( did not walk! Too cold and windy!!)

Tapicia bread w palm shortening

Went to bed by 9:30

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Last night: banana

Day 43: smoked white fish, sauteed zucchini, broccoli, decaf w coc cream, nettle- peppermint t

Planning on going to a class, yoga, finishing an art project, and several other tasks before my trip tonight.

Maybe have beef stew for meal 2.

Meal 3 might be cut up veggies, homemade beef jerky on the airplane, or at airport.

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