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December Whole 30 Success!


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Wo-hoo! I completed a Whole 30 during the month of December!!! Yes, it can be done, and for me, it was the BEST thing I could possibly have done for myself.

Benefits I have observed:

1. I began to feel more emotionally upbeat immediately upon deciding to do a Whole 30 and continued to feel good emotionally throughout the month as I succeeded. As I look back at myself during October and November, it is like looking at a different person. I started in a low place and am ending feeling optimistic and certain that I can move forward in health.

2. Due to the conversations here in this community on the forums, I recognized that I have an addiction to sugar and that it is of primary importance that I not reawaken the sugar dragon as I go forward. I must comment that the absence of sugar in my system allowed for the clarity of thought to be able to gain this understanding as I processed through multiple discussions about being a moderator vs. abstainer and addiction.

3. My belly flattened (loss of bloat) within the first few days.

4. My sleep improved a little bit.

5. My PMS symptoms improved a little bit.

6. I lost an inch at my belly button and 6 lbs of scale weight. I almost did not want to list this, because although I am happy about it, numbers 1 & 2 above are so much more significant to me and I don't want those to be overlooked and to get boiled down to the weight loss.

I'm grateful for the Whole 30 & for these forums & the support I've found here.

Thank you to my new friends - Ali, littleg, Lauren, Brewer, ArtFossil, & Britt. You've each contributed to the success I had & this takes time & energy. Thanks for your input & wisdom. It's more fun &'easier to journey together.

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Way to go!  Your NSVs are definitely incredible!  


Pretty sure i share your addiction.  Day 5 and physically I feel like I've been run over but am oddly upbeat, just knowing that I am doing something wonderful for myself!

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 . . .  being a moderator vs. abstainer and addiction.

I appreciate your perspectives. I was curious about how you've come away from W30 in terms of your consideration of Moderator vs. Abstainer of sugar. The term "Moderation" always troubles me because a). most folks I know who quote "moderation is the key" rarely moderate themselves. And B). It's easy to moderate immediately post W30, but it doesn't take long to be back where you once were. For me, moderation is a hopeful lie. There is no frame of reference, or unit of measure to quantify what it means. It's aspirational at best. An example of moderation in my life is that I don't keep cheese in the house, but I will have it on a salad at a restaurant. I don't eat breads and gluten, but I will if I'm vacationing or at someone elses house for supper. I've read too many Whole 30ers who come back for another stating that they went totally back to old ways. That reflects back to starting with moderation. I think it's okay to say "I don't eat that", and mean it. When people say I'm missing out, I respond that I'm not missing out on feeling good or struggling with my physical health.


What conclusions have you come to, and how have you been adjusting so far this month?

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