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Started my third W30 yesterday after two weeks of holiday/travel binging.  I am happy to say I stayed with the exercise, just totally let go of any healthy eating for the last two weeks, so Week 1 ought to be fun. :P


Yesterday was Day 1 - had epic battle with myself regarding the non-stop snacking we fell into on the cruise we took for vacation.  Sugar Dragon forcibly reminded me many times of the "Chocolate Extravaganza" bar they set up on the second to last day.  There were wistfully yearning moments as my husband continued to polish off his leftover Christmas candy....


However, I won Day 1!! :) (with an assist from the crunchy texture of coconut chips as garnish)


M1: Frittata of 3 eggs, mixed veggies

M2: 2 fried eggs, stir fry veggies, toasted coconut chips

PWO: Toasted coconut chips

M3: Venison patty, chunky tomato sauce, broccoli, carrots, coconut chips

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Day 2 done, somewhat successfully.  I say somewhat because of the "tomato incident" this evening and the fact that I know I over ate the nuts today.  Compliant foods, yes, but within template, no.


Very tired with swollen fingers today, to be expected after the last two weeks.


M1: Venison patty, chunky tomato sauce, broccoli, macadamia nuts

M2: Venison patty, sugar snap peas, macadamias

PWO: cashews

M3: Venison patty, pint of mixed sweet tomatoes, cashews


Gotta get back on that template tomorrow.  At least after two weeks of junk the craving was for fresh veggies, but still troubling that there was a "snack attack" feeling.

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Ok, I have got to kick myself in the butt here!!!  Falling down on logging is not going to help me.  Also, straying off template, which would officially make it "snacking" instead of a proper meal 2 is definitely a NO.  This calls for a review of my motives, goals, and the book!!!  Yes, I am throwing the book at myself!


M1: eggs, cocoa nibs, fried banana, avocado

M2: macademia nuts, coconut water

PWO: macademia nuts

M3: roasted turkey, roasted root veg, baby banana

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OK.  I am quietly starting over on Day 1.  After being surprised with an evening out by an old friend who "gifted" his group of friends with dinner/drinks at a great Mexican place and concert tickets, plus a couple days of most definite non-compliance afterwards, I am hopeful that I am back in the right mindset and have decided to follow through and knock this out.  I know it works.  Now I have to decide that I am, indeed, a dragon tamer.

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Day 3: Not feeling spectacularly well today, but out we went to job fair anyway.  Hope I didn't bring something back with me as well.


M1: catfish, potatoes

M2: shrimp/crabmeat stew, almonds, grapes

M3: coconut milk, eggs


Did I mention the not feeling well? I know I need to get my template back on track but it is not happening today.

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Combining two days here since I did not get on last night.  Meds for migraine knock me for a loop.


Day 4:


M1: Frittata w/banana and blueberry

M2: sirloin, avocado, garlic roasted tomatoes, spring mix salad

M3: Frittata w/pumpkin, pecans, coconut

Snack: macadamia nuts


Day 5:


M1: Frittata w/banana and blueberry

M2: Macadamia nuts, toasted coconut flake, banana

M3: Beef/venison stew w/okra and fire roasted tomatoes

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