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  1. Good lord! That's pretty pricey on the mayo. Are you anywhere near an HEB? They sell it for quite a bit less. I'm made my own three times now. Twice it came out really well (I made the herbed mayo the 2nd time), once it turned into a ranch type dressing because it insisted on being runny.
  2. I am finally on the upswing this week. The good news is that during the "kill all the things" days, I was too tired to get up and take a swing at anyone. ;D For lunches this week, I'll be having shrimp scampi (made with ghee) with spaghetti squash (never buy two when only one person is eating it, lol). I am still relying heavily on the grocery store for those prechopped veg and am happy this week just to have some sort of appetite.
  3. I actually don't know which number this is for me, I did my first in 2015. Some have been very successful, some NOT. Oh man, your two things challenged by hit me spot on. Even though I know I can't eat like so many other people can and feel well, my inner child is still whining about not getting what someone else does. I have a marvelous husband who is a self trained chef - he is great about helping me modify and recreate recipes, but still... I struggle with sugar, for me it's all or nothing. I like the idea of explo6the facets of Whole9 - I need to do some work there myself.
  4. My first day was a little rocky - not because of the food, but because I have been hit with the wicked cold that is going around. So, while my food was compliant, it was not enough and different proportions. I existed on chicken bone broth, mostly. Managed some cabbage and pork at dinner. My DH made me shrimp creole and spaghetti squash for lunches because he felt bad for giving the virus to me. I am taking a few shortcuts this time, compliments of our HEB grocery stores here. Their produce department does a lot of pre-chopped containers of veggies and they also sell their own line
  5. Hi! I'm also a repeat, my last W30 didn't go so well, the group I was in turned out to be focused on fast weight loss instead of healing and I ended up dropping out. I've had some successful runs, though and I know I need to reset my system again. My focus will be on once again slaying the sugar dragon, better sleep, less shedding and sneezing, and the return to my optimistic, more energetic self I know is still in here. I also want to lose weight, but the NSV are the main priorities for me at the moment.
  6. Well, my count on the meds was wrong still have 3 more days of antibiotics, but I'm starting food program today anyway. Looking forward to feeling better. Happy Day 1!
  7. Good catch! I didn't vet their ingredients before sharing, good thing I have my Central Market brand instead.
  8. I had started on June 10th, but got knocked out of the program this week by an ugly bug and resulting treatment. If I've counted right, should be done with meds around the 1st, would love to join in and try to regain the forward momentum I had going. I've done W30 a few times before, know the positive results it can bring about and am badly in need of them.
  9. I've been out for a few days, will have to restart my restart due to health issue - what is happening with everyone?
  10. Well. I am in the sad position of having to start my W30 over after I finish the round of antibiotics I am currently on. At least there were no steroids this time. It's been a very unpleasant week for me so far. :-( I will be keeping as close to the program as I can while I finish up, just discouraged to be taken out by a random bug and resulting infection. Hopefully I will regain my excitement and motivation to get my reset accomplished as I start to feel better.
  11. Yes, if I don't sit at the table and pay attention to to my food, I will be hungry later. Eating while distracted is a bad thing for me.
  12. Day 10 in the books. I'm finding this round both easier and harder than earlier W30 I have done. Easier because I KNOW what the NSV I will gain from it are. Harder because I am really fighting myself on the "just a little won't hurt" on food I have successfully reintroduced before. So far I'm hanging in and beating it back. I really need my good reset!
  13. @Katie BI love HEB - you should be able to find Tessa Mae and/or Mother Raw salad dressings in there that are compliant and delicious. Ours here also carries primal kitchen mayo. PLUS - you have a Central Market there. They are a great source of compliant foods with an truly amazing produce section. A good thing I don't live within a hundred miles of it, lol. The nightmares sound rough - I've had my share of those during some tough times, I'm always afraid to go back to sleep when one wakes me up. Good job on getting yourself to PT and powering through it, though! You got this!!
  14. I missed my post last night - gotta get better at that. But I am faithfully recording in my companion book. I do have a NSV to report for the first week. The eczema that shows up when I am not eating right has disappeared. I am actually feeling pretty accomplished this evening. Been a crazy couple days at work, my husband is down with heat exhaustion, frustrated over not getting things done - but I am sitting in my recliner after dinner, NOT SNACKING. I actually went and looked in the cabinet, told myself I was NOT hungry and came to check posts for distraction. That is a big step back
  15. This startled me - my daughter has this issue, after she did a round of W30 and some experimentation at the deli she works in, her culprit was discovered to be the (non-organic, hormone treated) chicken she was working with. If she keeps goves on so it doesn't touch her and does not eat any, she's fine. If she handles without gloves, she gets the rash again. My trigger for that is wheat in any way, shape, or form.