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My whole30 Newbie Log!


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Ok, I am new to the Whole30 and started on January 3rd, 2016. I am just at the end of day 4. I am doing it to get healthy, hopefully have some weightloss and get rid of my bad habits. Over the past year I have gained about 10-15 pounds, stopped exercising and had a very bad habit of drinking too much wine regularly (not going totally overboard, but certainly not healthy for me). I have also been obsessing about my weight. Also, recently turning 40, the weight obsession is caught up with feeling old! In all, totally not healthy at all.

However, I do a couple of 10 day water fasts a year (not eating at all, some people find this crazy but for me it's been spiritually and physically beneficial). I decided not to do it this January because I have been so obsessed with my weight and don't think that is healthy to fast when I feel so bad about my body at the moment.

I normally eat a lot of veggies and don't eat a lot of bread, etc... However, over christmas I went a bit crazy with sugar and other indulgences so was very ready to begin making a real change.

The only thing I am worried about is that it has been easy so far. No side effects, not difficult to do. Besides giving up the dairy, (I love yogurt and cappucinos!) not even much of a struggle yet. I don't know why this is the case, unless the difference between this and a water fast is so big that my body doesn't know what the fuss is about! I will see how it goes.

I have mainly been eating:

Breakfast: an apple and nuts, black coffee.

Lunch: a salad of cucumber, red pepper, tomatoes and pumpkin seeds (homemade dressing)

Dinner: Fish and veggies with a homemade tomato sauce (or chicken and veggies with homemade tomato sauce)

Snack: an orange.

Lots of water, some black tea.

I don't think there is any sugar to be had, but am worried that I am doing something wrong as I don't have side effects yet.

Oh well,I will just keep going and see.

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Hi HMaples, welcome to the Whole 30!  This program is awesome and amazing and I love it!  I hope it's OK if I give you some advice and pointers.


First off, have you seen the meal planning template?  You should focus 3 meals a day around protein, veggies, and fat--enough to satiate you and keep you full for 4-5 hours.  Check that out first.


Your M1 of fruit and nuts does not follow those guidelines, and will leave you 1. not satisfied, 2. not nourished, 3. hungry sooner than you would be if you had eaten according to the template, and 4. with increased cravings.


Your M2 does not contain protein (the small amount in seeds really doesn't count as protein in this sense) and it barely contains fat.  More veggies, add a palm-sized portion of protein, and more fat.


You should aim to NOT snack in between meals, but if you do it should be a mini template meal consisting of 2-3 of the following: protein, veggies, and fat.  An orange should not be eaten in isolation.  Sugar (yes, even from a healthy fruit)-->blood sugar increase-->insulin release-->blood sugar crash-->hunger and jitters.  You've been there before (we all have) and it's not a place you want to revisit.


Your M3 looks pretty good, but I am still wondering if it contains fat.


Also your comment that you haven't seen anything bad or any side effects is a good thing!  You are doing something healthy for yourself!  You are not depriving yourself on a starvation diet!  You are filling yourself up with nutritious foods that make you feel good, fuel you to the next meal, allow your hormones to do their job, and increase energy and stamina.  Sure, you may experience some negative side effects down the road if you come across a food you have an intolerance to, but cross that bridge when it happens.  Anticipate great changes, because they are coming!  :)

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Thanks Alison! I tend to eat an apple and nuts for breakfast normally (though often with plain yogurt), and really am not a snacker during the day much, so believe me it fills me up! Though I know what you mean, I do have fat with the veggies. (Fish or chicken and use olive or coconut oil to cook with), sometimes it's just not easy to fit a protein in with the salad for lunch with my current hectic work situation, but will give it a try!

At the end of day 6 now, pretty much eating similar foods, a variety if veggies and either chicken or fish and same breakfast/lunch as before. I have looked at the meal plan, at the moment my work is really hectic so I haven't had time to be more inventive with M1 or M2.

All is fine, but I almost went off the Whole30 today during a meal at a restaurant, not because I wanted to but because I felt bad about saying no to the restaurant owner! Isn't that ridiculous? I mean surely they don't really care if you eat the bread they present to you, or this little complimentary appetiser? I really need to look into what my problem is about trying to please others. I didn't end up eating the things, but felt very guilty afterwards, like I would hurt her feelings. I don't even know her, amd it's not like a friend's dinner party!

I think the issues the Whole30 makes you address are your habits around food, and perhaps around other coping mechanisms you have in your life. Unlike water fasting where you really have to just be a hermit during the 10 days, with this you have to start practicing saying No, which is incredibly difficult for me.

Oh well, still on board, I think it's going to be an interesting 30 days!

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Expert advice from Melissa Hartwig...

"You never, ever, ever have to eat anything you don’t want to eat. You’re all big boys and girls. Toughen up. Learn to say no (or make your mom proud and say, “No, thank you”). Learn to stick up for yourself. Just because it’s your sister’s birthday, or your best friend’s wedding, or your company picnic does not mean you have to eat anything. It’s always a choice, and we would hope that you stopped succumbing to peer pressure in 7th grade."

Here's the entire link: http://whole30.com/step-two/

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Alison, I have read that, but this seems to me a more fundamental issue than just peer pressure. This is an issue with people pleasing that I need to break the habit of. Turning people down, saying no to people is actually hard for me. I have gotten way better at it, but it used to be so bad that I would actually agree to meet three different people same day same time because I couldn't say no. So this saying no on the whole30 is actually pretty good for me in other areas. Sure it's irrational, but I think a lot of people, especially women, have it and it's a deeper problem than just saying no to a piece of bread, or being pressured into having a drink or dessert.

But that is what this is about for me as well.

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