Anything at Carrabas ?


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Google is your friend. :)

You need to research first and then ask questions of the staff that works at the location you're visiting, as options and ingredients can change or vary by region.

1. Look up the menu online here.

2. Pick 2-3 choices that look promising either as is or that look like they can be tweaked. Use this article to help narrow your choices.

3. Call the restaurant, ideally during slow times, and ask if the options you chose can be prepared consistent with your dietary preferences. (If you're not familiar with the Whole30 rules, you'll need those also. Start here.)

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They now have some meats on their menu that specify olive oil on the menu. This includes pork chops and veal chops. I can't remember what else. I think their grilled chicken is cooked in olive oil, too. But you should specify that you want it cooked with olive oil. They have steamed spinach, but tell them not to add Parmesan cheese. Order a salad without croutons and cheese, and take your own dressing (or ask for oil and vinegar).

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