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What PMS? W30 day 26!


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I finished off day 30 today! I did not have a perfect record but all compliance issues were poorly-read labels and some earlier confusion about what was allowable. My greatest take-away was that my PMS symptoms vanished. Cycle day one, W30 day 26, I woke to, "I am having my period". I still had cramping, quite significant on day two, but I experienced none of the emotional mess that had become normalized for the last twenty years. Typically, like a clock, I lose my mind exactly ten days before I get my period and spend the next week and half up and down, feeling like I don't really have much control. This has led to challenges with my partner, child, socially and professionally. I am thrilled to have brought back some control to my life and slightly embarrassed that all these years, it was actually me and my dietary choices. I am hopeful that I can keep up these changes and am very curious what foods it was that impacted my hormones to the extent that it did.

What a remarkable journey we are all on, I only wish I had tried it sooner. I was in Austin, TX for a few years, working with fertility treatments and managing the very difficult pregnancy I had once I finally conceived- looking back, I bet a big shift in diet would have alligned things. Funny that the folks were right there! Either way, I am pleased with the outcome in the moment!

I closed Day30 with a small treat of a few maple syrup sweetened macaroons and tomorrow I will make a big old mess in the kitchen putting together some warm and tasty combination of veggies and protein, with no end in sight.

Good night and good luck to all of you!

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First of all CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your W30! Just a word of caution to you, as a fellow sufferer of PMS...actually PMDD...I'd really watch your sugar (natural or not) intake...I find that it's sugar, in all forms, that fuel my PMS symptoms! Unfortunately for me, even the smallest amount can set me off...

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