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A W30 Win: BP normal!


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Four year ago I was put on prescription meds for high blood prssure. I wasn't overweight, did yoga and excersised regularly, and ate a fairly healthy diet. My doc chalked it up to "heredity." I always wondered about that...is it truly heredity, or just the habits I had adopted from my family?

In any case, I am now on day 25. Yesterday I went to check my BP at my usual place and couldnt believe my eyes. 113/73. Whaaaaaat? I haven't seen those numbers in years! I am making an appointment with my doc this morn to determine next steps with the meds/dosage.

More than anything else (and there have so many other W30 wins) I am convinced that what i have learned will be staying with me from here on out. Hurrah for W30 and all of us who are going forward with a more healthy lifestyle!

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