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Day 25 and wicked NSV!!


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Okay. So I made it to Day 25 - no slip ups at all!

Two non scale victories today. Boss man ordered pizza for the office. I brought myself homemade salmon cakes and he got me a salad. Whoo hoo! Avoided that temptation!

Then, later today,I decided to donate blood. They checked my hemoglobin levels and the woman said they were "great" (with a sure level of surprise in her voice).

I was able to donate blood, and avoided all the sugary sweets/juices offered afterwards. I just drank some water and had a couple bites of my leftover salmon cakes.

I've been turned away from blood clinics before because my iron levels were too low. Glad to see the Whole 30 bumped those levels up!

Into the final stretch and don't really feel like stopping!

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