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When I came home from work yesterday


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My wife was standing on the porch waiting for me. She says, I want you to see something.
She runs down the steps,turns around and runs back up the steps,turns around and runs back down the steps.....I am standing there with my jaw hanging open not quite believing my eyes while she does this about 5 times.

Ok ,now this may not seem like a big deal right? But this is the woman I have spent the last several months lifting out of bed at 3:00am to take enough prednisone just for her to be able to move around for the day.

She has suffered for 30 years with RA and recently Fibromyalgia. This last year has been the hardest year of her life. We knew we had to do something big and drastic to change our lives when we stumbled upon Paleo diet. Not know much about it I began reading and learned so much that the doctors had never bother to mention to us about Autoimmune diseases.
I was a bit hesitant about approaching her with it but I knew she ready to try something. So once I began to show her some of the information I was reading we decided to fully commit.

We emptied out the pantry and fridge of all non compliant foods and discovered we had about 8 things left in our house. LOL. Seriously, no wonder we were both feeling so horrible.

So we go shopping and buy all compliant foods and just got started. No real plan, just a change in what we were eating.

So here we are 8 days into it. I have to say it again to believe it. 8 days!, and after a few days of achey stomach pains and brief constipation we have dropped about xx pounds (and yes I told her not to watch the scale but I did not win that request).

Sorry this is such a long first post but I am totally blown away by this experience.

Man I am so glad we are doing this together, even my 33 year old daughter has joined in. I feel for people going at this on their own without family support.

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Kudos, truly, on the energy and movement change your wife is experiencing in such a short time.

I removed the weight loss you listed, since you are still on a Whole30.  If your wife chooses to not follow the scale/measurements rule, that's her call.  I encourage you to step away from the scale for the duration of your Whole30.  If anything, the majority of your post illustrates why the scale is not the focus of this process.  :)

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