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Top 5 Lessons from a Successful Whole 30


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Hi Everyone!


I'm happy to say "I did it!" It's now day 1 of life post a successful first  Whole 30, so in light of that, I wanted to share some of my personal take-aways from 30 days of super clean eating.


1. 30 days went really fast, but some of the hours went REALLY slow. Those times when the cravings/triggers were the strongest seemed to make time stand still. But they all passed. And then, I felt my will power muscle getting stronger. Whoop!


2. Sticking religiously to the rules is critical. At first I thought some of them were a little nutty, but I followed none the less. Now I realize each one was there for a reason. Every one makes you think a little more about what you are doing and why. Those constant reminders are critical.


3. Eating good food feels really good. I so enjoyed the way I felt after meals. Content without being bloated or overly full. Most of the time I didn't even feel like snacking between meals. When I did, I reflected on the last meal and adjusted. Did I have enough carbs? proteins? fats?


4. It's so much more than weight loss. I was happy for the pounds I loss (I know I lost because of the way my clothes fit, I'm down a whole pant size...not the scale. I threw out my scale. )My blood pressure is normal, I am sleeping well, my workout recovery time is fantastic, I have all day energy, my skin is so amazingly soft, smooth, and clear, and I feel a sense of calmness that can only be described as "chill." It's awesome.


5. It's worth it. Changing habits is difficult, yes. But if everyone only knew how much better it is on the other side, I'm sure we would have a much different world. I know I as I am now "riding on my own" that I will have to remain continually reflective about what I put into my body. I have my reasons and motivations though, for continuing (see #4 above.)


Oh...and a bonus reflection: READ the book and get the daily email inspiration. Very worthwhile. I looked forward to reading that every day.


Have Fun Forum Friends! Best Wishes on your journey to lifelong health and wellness.







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