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February 1st Starting Whole 30


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Hi fellow February 1st Starters!


I was very, very happy with how I felt, and what I discovered about my body and what I eat, when I did the Whole 30 over a year ago now. In fact, my whole became a whole "90". A lot of the fundamentals of whole 30 are still a part of how I eat now. But over time, holidays, and traveling, I'm needing to eliminate those inflammatory foods again. I see such an amazing difference in my energy, my sleep, I'm leaner all over, my allergies improve, and minor aches and pains happily vanish with the whole 30 and Whole 9 lifestyle. This forum was a great support through my first 30 days. It feels good to join the journey with other fellow whole 30ers....so thanks ahead of time for sharing the next 30 days with me...here's to our optimal health and wellbeing!

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