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Planning the Reintroduction (currently on Day #21)


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I can't believe I'm actually at a point where I can start planning my reintroduction.  I seriously think some friends and family lost some bets on this one.


I am struggling to figure out how to start my reintroduction.  I'm not craving any food category at all...other than convenience (would love to just grab some sauce-free BBQ brisket and sausage on the way home without worrying about sugar and soy additives in the rubs).


I just can't figure out what to start with.  I would love to pour me a glass of Crown next Friday as a celebration for both completing the Whole30 and my new floors that will be completed by that evening.  However, that Sunday is my birthday, and I'm sure my wife would like to go out for dinner that day since it's also Valentine's day.


So my question...does alcohol and meats that may have sugar in the seasoning have to be treated in the reintroduction just like any of the other groups?  I totally get the reintroduction schedule for everything else because it can be a gut disruptor, but do alcohol and just trace sugar in a meat rub fall into the same schedule?



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