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Started Feb 1 - Day 4


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I'm on Day 4 now of my first ever Whole30.  A few years ago, dairy started to have a terrible effect on me and I've stayed away from it.  Gluten and soy sensitivities started happening to, so this is a way for me to really know how food effects me.


I made it through the first few days ok.  I was already eating pretty healthy food, so the food wasn't too much of a stretch.


Today?  I AM EXHAUSTED.  I slept for 8 1/2 hours last night, but I think it was too much sleep!  I've limited my caffeine intake, too, with this, so finding things to keep me awake during the day is getting more challenging.


I'm hoping to make it through to tomorrow afternoon and then I plan to really sleep for a good chuck of the weekend!


I welcome any suggestions...

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