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Starting 2/16/16


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I know that's kind of a weird date to start upon; but I know that Valentine's weekend will prove to be a challenge as well as the Holiday. I figure that starting after those days will help me to completely focus on the task at hand.


To be honest, I am a little terrified at starting this Whole30 thing. I am currently reading the book and doing my research and planning before my start date. The planner in me thrives in this knowledge and learning part but the more I read the more I feel intimidated.


My doctor has suggested to try this program as an experiment for myself to see how my Blood Pressure will respond.


I want to start this program for many reasons:

1. To get my BP under control. It has been running consistently between 130-140 over 90-100 for the last 4 years.

2. To feel better and to quit hitting energy slumps throughout the day.

3. To kick the sugar habit; I love sugar so much, I have a sweet tooth but I have a love hate relationship with it that involves rewards and then guilt.

4. To learn how to eat better consistently.

5. The weight loss will probably be a given with this program. I need to lose at least 10 lbs as this is the heaviest I have been in years. I feel the affects of the weight in my back and in my knees. It's discouraging b/c I have changed my diet ( not as great as I want it to be though) and I exercise 5x a week for 30-40 mins.


My husband has agreed to join me as he wants to lose weight. I am thankful that we will both be doing this together b/c the " struggle is real"





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